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  1. brrr!

    I thought summer was meant to be warm! I mean it's sunny outside and i'm freezing :'(
    Thought I'd just post an unpdate in case anyone was pining from my presence :P

    The packing continues
    Bathroom- 0%'s not like theres a lot to pack...only the rubber duck collection will give me problems.

    Hallway - 0%
    Mostly because it was already empty apart from a world map...

    Kitchen - 0%

    I kinda want to eat from plates and cook ...
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  2. terminators?

    So, I finally managed to finish one of my terminators!
    I really wanted to enter the Feb painting contest...but I somehow feel that with my college work and teaching work it's not going to get there...
    However, one model painted is better than one unpainted ^^ Which i think was the point of the contest :) The red moss is Reindeer moss (per-dyed) that I got in the january sale at Hobbycraft...


    I also got engaged on new years eve, which ...