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  1. Thief of Hearts: WIP 3

    Today I broke down and painted the metallics on her armor; this time experimenting with ďshadingĒ the armor with regular paint. I know it can be done and have read about it, however I just tried my own take and I must admit, I really like it. Sad thing is, once finished doing the detailing work on the armor, my eyes were shot for the night. I think I probably put a good 5 hours in her today and I base coated her wings.

    I also took a friendís advice and made her tunic more ...
  2. Current Project: Thief of Hearts Sword Mage

    Iím currently working on the Thief of Hearts Sword Mage from Darksword Miniatures. Iím applying a lot of what I learned from the seminar I sat in at NOVA as I paint along and I must admit that it really opens my eyes to expanding my thoughts on painting. Iím attempting to do a forced focus on her face by slowly brightening up the figure bit by bit. Iím also attempting NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) as well, which will be interesting. I have a good bit of time to finish her before the NCMSS Show ...
  3. Freebooter Mermaid: WIP 2

    I worked on this some more yesterday afternoon while Rosemarie was asleep and Nathan watched Godzilla on the tv. I'm semi-hurrying to get this done so my dad can take it home with him tomorrow (Sunday) night, since my parents are returning home on Monday morning.

    Anyway, I touched up the skin a little more so the blending looks more smooth. I added a little more highlighting to her left shoulder and evened out the tones around her breasts (those things are a PAIN to paint!!!) ...