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Real Life

For all those ramblings that are not hobby related

  1. The Long Awaited Photo..

    Here she is, the finished version of my Thief of Hearts #4. I finally got around to taking photos of her. Enjoy! She didn't win anything... ah well.

    Also, I'm back from hiatus. I have a few newbies I'll probably post up later :)

  2. With a Heavy Heart...

    I'm taking a long hiatus from painting. I'm just extremely discouraged and really just am at a point where I don't know if I should bother anymore. I truly don't think I'm very good to begin with, but it's just been proven over and over again (especially these past couple of weeks) and I don't think I can get any better than where I am at right now, and that is sub par.

    So I will be taking a long break from really posting anything. I'll still be around the boards complimenting how ...
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    Painting , Real Life
  3. Long time... no post!

    Geez, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last :( It's been a busy year, but I do want to start posting more regularly again.

    Anyway, there's an upcoming show this weekend that I plan on putting 5 brand new pieces in, and some older ones from last year. I'm pretty excited as this experience has been amazing and has stretched me further than I have been, in regards to painting, in a very long time.

    I just finished my fifth new show piece for the upcoming ...
  4. NCMSS Show

    This past Saturday (Sept 8) I participated in the NCMSS Show here in Washington DC. I entered 7 miniatures into the competition and received a bronze for my Thief of Hearts, which was pretty neat considering I had painted her to attempt and get a prize at the APG show, this past Summer. Robert E. Lee came away with another honorary mention. I'm happy. Special congrats go to WAMP's MamaGeek (Joy Schoenberger), Shades (Mike) and Jim (who I just met at the show!) for the rewards you guys got.
    Painting , Real Life
  5. Freebooter Mermaid : Finished!!

    I was able to finish the mermaid in time before my parents returned home this past Monday. I ended up working very late into the night on the blends and everything to get her as perfect as I could. Here she is!

    I glued some tiny seashells along the bottom of the base and also put two tiny ones on the top, with the mermaid.. kinda giving the effect of having some of her "sea friends" with ...
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