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  1. The Long Awaited Photo..

    Here she is, the finished version of my Thief of Hearts #4. I finally got around to taking photos of her. Enjoy! She didn't win anything... ah well.

    Also, I'm back from hiatus. I have a few newbies I'll probably post up later :)

  2. With a Heavy Heart...

    I'm taking a long hiatus from painting. I'm just extremely discouraged and really just am at a point where I don't know if I should bother anymore. I truly don't think I'm very good to begin with, but it's just been proven over and over again (especially these past couple of weeks) and I don't think I can get any better than where I am at right now, and that is sub par.

    So I will be taking a long break from really posting anything. I'll still be around the boards complimenting how ...
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    Painting , Real Life
  3. Thief of Hearts: WIP 4

    I have officially finished the angel part of this tiny diorama of sorts. I put a wash on her armor last night, did touch-ups, and did her wings as well. I decided that the ďblue jayĒ approach wouldnít work.. so I left out the white parts of the wings and just went with black and blue. I added the lines after I shaded the wings with a mixture of blue + orange and highlighted it with a mix of blue + light orange + white. I really like how the wings look, my photos do them no justice. I think ...
  4. Thief of Hearts : WIP 2

    I worked on her a bit more the past few days and finally got around to taking photos of her. Iím still thinking the teal is a little too much on the Ďgreení side, but Iím running out of time in regards to fixing it. Iím not even sure how to fix it, besides using a wash on itÖ and I donít want to dull down the shading on it, either :-/ so I have a problem.

    Iíve decided to back off with the NMM attempt. Yesterday I spent over an hour attempting to get it just so, but my eyes just ...
  5. Thief of Hearts: WIP 1

    I started painting Dark Swordís Thief of Hearts last night with the color scheme I mentioned in an earlier post. Sheís coming along nicely Iím implementing what I learned in the seminar, as well, so Iím hoping that I can pull it off. I think from the photo, I need to deepen the shading. I donít want to bring the highlights up too much because I want the focus to be on her face, so until then the highlights ...
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