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  1. JoeK Minis...a somewhat enforced hiatus. Public in shock.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joek View Post
    Well...possibly not, but I just thought it might be appropriate to let you lovely folks know why things have been somewhat slow recently for me.

    To be honest, I can't deny that 2011 has been slightly more hectic than usual, which has put a slight cork in the bung-hole of JoeK Minis. As you all know (because I incessantly harp on about it all the time), I do this because I rather like the process. Making money is never really at the top of the agenda, which would obviously not be a
  2. Joe's Minis...2011's almost starting!

    A short little entry for you, but fairly significant for me at least!

    "Well, the cogs of motion are finally starting to grind together. Another reason why folk should never think of going into this business without a HUGE resource of money and talent and think it'll all go swimmingly :p. Luckily, I have little of either, so I'm still happy!

    However, the good news is that finally I'll be receiving stock of the seventh figure in by the end of the week. This is definitely ...
  3. Joe's Minis...Thoughts on the future.

    I thought I'd try and have a stab at doing a semi-blog about the future of this project I've been running since March 2010, and to attempt to get help and ideas about how to progress. I hope to give you an insight into my own mindset about JoeK Minis, and also where I am at the moment! Whether or not this will put you all into some sort of coma, I don't know but it might help establish why 2011 has been rather slow to properly kick off for me, and how I'm at least preparing to get a few figures ...