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  1. Grey Monday

    Another week, another day and yet more rain! :D

    Yet another weekend has passed, and it's been a good un'!
    Food, whiskey, Xbox and a little drawing, with a side of mud and yet more rain.
    Even tried out something I haven't done in years; knitting.
    Deadparrot told me about wine chickens she’d seen at a neighbour’s house and I decided to have a stab at making one. Basically, you yank the bag out of these wine cartons and stuff it into a knitted chicken, with the tap poking ...
    Painting , Conversion , Real Life
  2. New times, new blog

    'Bout time to start ranting in a larger scale, methinks. :p

    Picked up a new MMORPG the other day; Rift.
    After 4 years of playing World of Warcraft, it’s getting a bit tedious.
    Also, Blizzard have been revamping the game so mush so that no-skilled casuals can play as well, which is getting starting to annoy the heck out of me. :p
    It’s just getting too easy to max out on level and items, then get into the ring with the rest of us and believe you can box. -And go emo ...
    Gaming , Conversion , Real Life