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Which Pig am I today?

Mostly painting and wargaming ........mostly......

  1. Wots That?!..........

    ..........Is what I seem to be saying a great deal at the moment. hello

    Why? New Eyes is why, yep I have eventually got around to picking them up. The dialation test required I have a driver so I had to wait until last Friday to run down and get them and ohhhh lordy havent they made a difference......

    I can see clearly now the paint has dried
    I can see all mold lines in my way
    gone are the dark shadows........

    Well you get the point. ...
  2. I'm In Trouble

    hello All

    I've gone and stuffed up again! I thought I might go and get one or two Rackham pieces while there is still some left about the place, as one is want to do. Well I search and found the Ludick Bazare or what ever it is called, started monitor shopping (like window shopping only you get to sit down) and, .....errr, .....well, ......umm, I ended up with a bit more stuff than I should have, a big bit more...of stuff, ..........a really big bit of stuff!

    I'm ...
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  3. Good News, My New Eyes Have Arrived ............STOP PRESS

    hello wampers

    The optometrist rang to let me know my new specs have arrived for fitting, hoorah! Bad news is they still have to do the diabetes (just one of the small technical difficulties I had to deal with while I was away) eye dilation test. Bad news, I need a driver to get home afterwards and cant get one till friday, so the new eyes are so close yet so far away....... bugger! My mini's will have to suffer for a few more days.

    My new painting dvd has arrived so ...

    Updated 21-02-2011 at 05:56 AM by three little pigs

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  4. I've gone and done it now


    After literally years (two really, just) of procrastination I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a painting dvd.

    I was at Dark Sword shopping and browsing and, well, it was one of those 'I was there, she was there' sichy-ashuns, our eyes met, I weakened, and before I knew it my cart was heavier by a three dvd set. The price seemed OK and the description not too overblown, no promises of instant success so here's hoping I haven't blown the price of a SmartMax ...
    Painting , background noise
  5. Da Daaah


    After many months of Porcine related incidents I can, albeit with some trepidation, say that I am back of the land of the painted figure. These small technical difficulties have now been mostly rectified; those pigs without roast beef have been sated, the lil porker that went to market and cried wee wee wee has safely made it all the way back home, those piggly wigglies with canine based housing issues are now in secure housing and the speech impaired hog that cavorts on the ...
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