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Blog Comments

  1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
    Glad to hear its all going well and you have some free time too
  2. kdlynch's Avatar
    Good to hear you're enjoying it Scott. :) Is always good to spend a bit of time with the family.
  3. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Nice to hear that your enjoying work and spending some quality time with your family Scott, enjoy it.
  4. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I have a lot of 1/72 scale to paint, including nearly 300 Spartans, and a ton of WW2 stuff.
  5. Pipeline's Avatar
    yea! suck it, pile! /me awaits a few 15mm Essex armies for DBA.
  6. Boris's Avatar
    cool stuff Scott. I went back to my 15mm aliens the other day for a break too. Don't think I could go smaller though - hurts my eyes.
  7. Darklord's Avatar
    its a great little piece and like you said sometimes taking a break from the bigger stuff is a welcome distraction. Certainly can be more motivational if you only have a couple of hourse to kill, more exciting than getting a small part of a bigger project done.
    Think you've inspired me to get some stuff prepped up and do the same. I have a set of gretchin I fancy painting up and I may get these prepped and do an odd one when I have a couple f hours to kill or just fancy something different
  8. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Congratulations for the 9th Scott and glad to hear of your enlightenment, it's good to re-connect with why you do something you love.
  9. Hinton's Avatar
    Very cool, Scott! Being a bit more picky about minis sounds like it's really helping curb your spending on them.

    Love the idea of the loot bags. Have fun with that!
  10. Darklord's Avatar
    been there with the whole comitted painting having just come out of it after about 2 years of it. I felt obliged to enter all the wamp contests last year but I shall be taking a back seat on most this year. gonna do a warlord one then just going to paint something for the hell of it. good times brother, good times.
  11. nathanr's Avatar
    I bet its a nice feeling, I'm feeling a bit of the same now that my Little Angels piece is done but of course I have several projects planned and/or started.

    You are still going to paint up that Lizardman army for the tournament in April right?
  12. alextheartist's Avatar
    Yup, 20p for the bus mate...
    You sure its not for smack? :P
  13. In Chigh's Avatar
    2 dollars?? wow

    i was stopped by a 'gimme' a few weeks ago, he only wanted 0.20 GBP though. I looked in his eyes and told him "you probably have more money than i do mate"

    works every time :)
  14. nathanr's Avatar
    It is an unfortunate name, comes from the name of our $1 coin the "loonie" which is called that because it has a picture of a loon on it. I guess we Canadians are just uncreative when it comes to naming money.

    At least the homeless people in Saskatoon aren't all that pushy. I once turned down a guy in Toronto when I was there for a holiday and he followed me for 5 blocks! Freaked me right out, I thought I was going to get stabbed.
  15. Hinton's Avatar
    Gotta take compliments where you can get 'em these days.
  16. Darklord's Avatar
    a twoonie? sounds like a cross between a geordie footie fan and a cbeebies character!
    good story though
  17. Hinton's Avatar
    Well done on practicing restraint!
  18. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I'm there for you Scott I now how hard this is as i have fail totally :)
  19. Hinton's Avatar
    Good luck, Scott!
  20. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I went through school in the services so all my school chums changed every 2-3 years so as you scott I have no friend from there. I guess my best friends are my wife and my Dad. I am please I can call my Dad a friend as not everyone gets on with theres, mine is a keen wargamer and a dam fine DM plus if I say so myself he is a very good bloke.
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