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Stuff about painting mini's.

  1. The joy of painting mini mini's.

    Man, I painted a little robot from a company called "Studio Junger" a week or so ago. It was really tiny mini, I bet no taller than 8mm. I mounted it on a pre-cast base from Dragon Forge Design. So all in all very little prep work! A small mini like that can only have so much flash. I had the primer on in about 15 minutes. I was done painting around a couple hours afterwards, broken up into a couple small paint sessions.

    What a super fun experience! I got to work start to finish ...
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  2. Super Freedom!

    So Arctica asked me "What's up next?" commenting on a mini of mine over on Chest of Colours and it was awesome, because my answer was... I dunno.

    It feels really good! For most of my painting days I was painting for game related stuff. I always new what my next ten projects were going to be as it was stuff I wanted to get done for gaming. Then after I went online and cowboyed up and started trying to improve myself I sort of still had a pretty good gameplan of what my upcoming ...
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  3. Curbing the spending.

    Okay, so I am making a deal with myself. I am not going to buy any more mini's with any money NOT earned from painting. That means that I swear from now until the end of this year to only spend cash I earn from eBay, or selling old mini's, or whatever. Maybe the odd commission.

    This is doable. I just have to keep some focus. I'm happy that the stuff I put on eBay seems to always sell. Not neccessarily for bags of cash or anything, but it should be at least enough to keep me ...