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Real Life

For all those ramblings that are not hobby related

  1. The Darklord is rising

    It has been 2 years since my last confession.....

    Well not quite but almost. Real life and some unfortunate wamp related events have kept me away from writing my blog but I do enjoy them when I can though admittedly its never with any frequency despite what I tell myself!

    In fact a combination of events which most of you are aware of did lead my to seriously consider whether to shut Wamp down. I was left with a distasteful experience of the 'admin' side of the hobby, ...
    Wamp , Real Life , Wamp
  2. Take a chill pill

    So been a hectic few weeks, what with the Wiki, Wamped! and Portal and Trade post and....we'll you get the drift! It seemed everyday a new problem arose to prevent me moving onto the next thing on the to do list but after a grind it got done culminating in issue 4 of Portal been released. It's always a big exhalation once its out there, kind of time to relax.
    Why oh why I decided 30 minutes later to press on with 2 more big projects I dont know but I did!! But it was only for a short while, ...
    Wamp , Real Life