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Into The Wamp

An insight into the inner workings of Wamp and sometimes the mental tightrope of my brain

  1. Last minute nerves

    I thought, the fool i am I would take a few minutes to step back and give a little insight into the behind the scenes of little angels as we come towards the climax. Im feeling very ambivilent about it right now. This started as one of those ideas that just pops in your head out of nowhere, one of those that needs little refinement, just comes almost fully formed. It sat in my head for a little while and the process actually began proper just after Golden Demon last year (september for us). ...
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  2. Learning to run

    So the new site has been running for a few days now but the workload doesnt seem to decrease! I esigned myself to the fact that I couldnt preform the transition and complete all the entries I wanted to for Little Angels. Which is kind of hard, I love painting and sometimes it feels like I get little chance to these days. I do keep telling myself its a temporary thing. Moving the site and running little angels simultaneously is probably not a clever idea but its whats happenning. Though Im dreading ...
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  3. A New Beginning

    So, I thought I best be the first to start the blogs off. As a newbie in the blogging world I wouldnt hold to much expectation for the quality of this entry but hopefully it will be passable.
    So the new site is final taking shape. Its been a long time in the planning (well it certainly feels like it anyway!) around 6 months. While the last place was great and so much of an improvement over our original home it did lack in a few areas. The idea to move here was one that I weighed up for a while. ...
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