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Into The Wamp

An insight into the inner workings of Wamp and sometimes the mental tightrope of my brain

  1. A sigh of Relief

    So another week goes by and I must admit it was a rather stressful one! Trying to get Bilbo finished became almost an obsession. My eyes are still atuned to viewing 3mm wide such was the size of the details on him that the Space marine I am now painting looks postiviley gigantic in comparison. Bilbo was a rather funny mini to paint. As I have previously mentioned in the past blogs, I chose Bilbo as I have painted him before and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time was no different, I thoroughly enjoyed ...
    Wamp , Painting , Painting
  2. The countdown begins

    SO, I promisde to attempt weekly updates for you fine folks and at least for now I have kept my word. To be honest this past week has seen me put Wamp on a bit of a back burner while I focus upon my Golden Demon entries, Following the recent decision to abandon my main project I have been set to work on a couple of smaller projects instead - simple entries but a welcome chance to just paint. Do I hope to win? Yes of course - its an ambition of mine (as I'm sure it is of many others) to one day ...
  3. Wamp: The family grows

    First I want to explain what my intentions for these particular blogs are about. The plan is for me to keep track of some of the goings on 'behind the secenes' of Wamp with a weekly update, nothing earth shatteringly riveting most likely but maybe its a kind of therapy for me, though I fully expect my intention of weekly updates willl fall by the wayside!!

    I thought now was an apt time as we recently saw the start of a new chapter in Wamps history, the birth of Portal. I must ...

    Updated 26-08-2010 at 11:48 AM by Darklord

    Wamp , Wamp
  4. Messing with my mojo

    SO, i'm sure it happens to most men once they reach a certain age, and while not all would be comfortable with discussing it in public I believe its important to get it out in the open. You know the score, everything goes well for ages, you perform well and the pleasure is there but after a while the magiic can fade and you start to avoid it, the fun is gone and you wonder whether you can ever be the same man again.
    Yep I must admit I have the embarassing afliction......I've lost my paint-fu! ...
  5. Now what?

    So with Little Angels just about complete barring the chess set auction and a few loose ends a major slice of the last 6 months of my life is coming to an end. So what now? Well I would be lying if i didnt say I was relieved for it to be over. Im immensly proud of the project from both a personal point of view and from Wamp point of view, but it has been a drain on my time. Theother big drain on my time has been the new site. IM not a computer programmer or website designer, heck Ive only just ...
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