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Into The Wamp

An insight into the inner workings of Wamp and sometimes the mental tightrope of my brain

  1. I want a free camera!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darklord View Post
    As many of you may know my photos suck big time. Like all good workmen I blame my tools, in this case my camera which has a terrible macro! So I need something better and a DSLR is the aim, problem is I don't have any money (literally no money!!). My miniature painting is what buys my kids food at the moment so a better camera would mean better prices for work I sell so how to get one? Well I could nick one but I'm too pretty to risk a stretch inside.

    I wondered whether I could get
  2. Wamp2011: Footballs and raffle tickets

    I thought I would write down a little of the organisation going into WAMP2011. The event has been public for a while (at least on Wamp) but it's starting to get close and now I have to pull my finger out instead of just thinking about things!
    As you know we run plenty of contest here so I am used to organising a contest but a real life one is a whole new ball game. No fancy computer software to help me out for a start! I mean little seemingly insignificant things like registering entries turned ...

    Updated 22-03-2011 at 12:08 AM by Darklord

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  3. Juggling plates and Herding Cats

    It's been a while since my last blog (and the weekly update promise rapidly went out of the window (though in my defence I did predict it would!). I suppose I'm still catching up from the Christmas period.
    The plan was to go over the whole site during the holidays; update everything, fix all those little glitches that don't really affect things but you know they are there. It's like the scratch on the car - its tiny, no-one can really see it but you can. You know its there , it stands out ...
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  4. Take a chill pill

    So been a hectic few weeks, what with the Wiki, Wamped! and Portal and Trade post and....we'll you get the drift! It seemed everyday a new problem arose to prevent me moving onto the next thing on the to do list but after a grind it got done culminating in issue 4 of Portal been released. It's always a big exhalation once its out there, kind of time to relax.
    Why oh why I decided 30 minutes later to press on with 2 more big projects I dont know but I did!! But it was only for a short while, ...
    Wamp , Real Life
  5. Decisions, decisions, decisions

    Ok so I failed in my promise to post a blog weekly but I did warn I would fail! In my defence I had a fair bit on personally and it does sometimes effect my hobby time and Wamp is after all a hobby though it is often better described as an obsession.
    Anyway its been a funny period, without going into too much detail I suffer like so many with depression and a lot of the associated problems. Now this is no self-pitying monologue - its a permanent feature in my life that's always been there ...
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