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Jester 666

  1. Painting a Starry Cloak

    I have had a few questions about the cloak of the High Elf Mage from my last post. People wanted to which paints I use and how I went about getting the star effect. Well... Here is a quick guide to the best of my memory.

    High Elf.jpg

    I use almost almost exclusively paints made by Vallejo but any good model acrylics will do.

    Working from a base of the bare grey undercoat, I worked up a blend from a dark indigo at the top through to ...
  2. Hello there

    Hello there. Thanks very much to everyone for their warm welcome to Wamp. I'm planning to use this blog to rant, rave and generally go on about what i'm sculpting, converting, painting etc.

    Currently I am working on a Large Dark Angel army for myself and A Big Bad Moon army for my Wife. I am also working on increasing the ranks of a customer's already vast Ultramarine Army.