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For all those ramblings that are not hobby related

  1. A View from the Tower: Reviews and Scoring

    A lot of things have changed recently with how WAMP will handle its reviews. Another change is that our reviews are no longer handing out numeric scores. Thatís a pretty big change, I know, and itís one Iíve been contemplating over the past few months.

    The thought of departing from a standard numeric scoring system first occurred to me back when I reviewed AlexiZís painting tutorial from CMON. It scored extremely low because of a number of technical and production issues that diluted ...

    Updated 11-05-2015 at 09:31 PM by Cregan Tur

    Wamp , Real Life
  2. The Madness of Wamp Ė A Year In

    In roughly a week, Iíll have been a part of the Wamp community for a whole year, so I thought Iíd take a break from my usual blog posts about Crowdfunding and wander around some analysis of my first year here.
    Firstly, I joined up because Sparks asked me to join the Portal team to write Crowdfunding articles, which started with issue 33 (that makes 4 articles and counting). Iíve written a few more articles than magazines (Issue 36 is actually 3 articles stuck together I believe) and theyíll ...
  3. Brambleten's Crowdfunding Chronicles Part III - What Happens When A Project Fails?

    What happens when a project fails?

    Thanks to a question from Spectral Dragon following my last article, I have a subject for my slightly belated next entry. I will in future articles go back to my plan of going through each part stage by stage, but for today, Iím looking at what happens when projects fail to reach their goal.

    So, youíve spent months prepping and developing an idea, drumming up interest through social media and launched your project with a great ...
  4. Brambletenís Crowdfunding Chronicles Part IIb - Who Backs Projects?

    Planning a Project and Who Backs Projects?

    Welcome to my third blog entry. If a killer is only named as a serial killer after three murders, does this make me a serial blogger? Thatís probably another subject for another time.

    In the last part I looked at some of the initial planning you should do when looking to launch a crowdfunding project, such as working out what you actually want to launch, how much it might cost, how long to run a project for and estimated delivery ...
  5. Brambletenís Crowdfunding Chronicles Part IIa - Planning a Project

    Planning a Project and Who Backs Projects?

    This, the second part in my ever so exciting blog series about what happens when miniatures companies try and get people to throw their money at computer screens shall hopefully look at two ideas Ė planning a project and backer mind-sets. This in turn will be split in to two sections, as the first bit has gotten a bit longer than I thought it would and so will be lopped in two, with the second part appearing tomorrow sometime.

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