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  1. My Little Corner Of HobbVille Workshop

    It All Starts Here

    So once I had been swamped with the dazzle of GW and all the armies I had over the years I finally started a new Chapter in my life Divorce, living alone then new relationship, I move to Knaresborough to be with my Lovely but slightly bonkers Girlfriend!! Lisa!

    well we moved to a bigger house and this gave me room to have a Workshop!! its actually a double length garage so my work bench is at the back!

    My Bench

    This is ...
    Painting , Conversion , Real Life
  2. My corner of hobbyville, how it all started!!!

    My Life in HobbyVille

    Back when I was just old enough to understand what my Dad was making I took an interest in Model aircraft, Now back then Airfix was like rat droppings, ya could find it in almost every shop ya walked past. The local news agents store had a shelf full of 1/72 scale planes of all kinds so my Dad would take me to the shop once a week and we would get a model.

    well it started then!! I would make the models then paint them then hang them from my bedroom ...

    Updated 28-02-2013 at 11:31 AM by Normski

    Wamp , Painting , Conversion , Real Life
  3. Hobby Chat : 40k

    I haven't really posted anything related to the miniature painting hobby in a while. I've been busy painting my angel for the past month for an upcoming show that will be held this coming week.

    I gotta give a shout out to my husband, Tim. He's an amazing man who tolerates me through thick and thin. He is the reason I got into the hobby to begin with. When I began painting, I painted 40k figures with him for his armies. The first things I painted for myself were the Beatles Resin ...
  4. First Post

    Okay, so here is my first actual post. Are you impressed?

    I do not guarantee there will be a lot of posting, here, but I may roll out random thoughts now and then. Some WIPs, some techniques, some philosphical ramblings. See ya' soon!

    Updated 02-10-2011 at 05:28 PM by GreyHorde

    Painting , Gaming , Conversion
  5. Grey Monday

    Another week, another day and yet more rain! :D

    Yet another weekend has passed, and it's been a good un'!
    Food, whiskey, Xbox and a little drawing, with a side of mud and yet more rain.
    Even tried out something I haven't done in years; knitting.
    Deadparrot told me about wine chickens she’d seen at a neighbour’s house and I decided to have a stab at making one. Basically, you yank the bag out of these wine cartons and stuff it into a knitted chicken, with the tap poking ...
    Real Life , Painting , Conversion
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