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  1. China 1911

    In the autumn of 1911 saw some of the biggest changes politically in Chinaís history. For the last 247 years China was ruled by the Qing dynasty. With failures to modernize China the people were becoming unhappy with Imperial rule and their ability to protect China from foreign powers. Several political anti-Qing groups with the purpose of creating change within the country sprang up all over China. Most of these also had support outside of China from Chinese communities living abroad, some if whom ...
  2. The Madness of Wamp Ė A Year In

    In roughly a week, Iíll have been a part of the Wamp community for a whole year, so I thought Iíd take a break from my usual blog posts about Crowdfunding and wander around some analysis of my first year here.
    Firstly, I joined up because Sparks asked me to join the Portal team to write Crowdfunding articles, which started with issue 33 (that makes 4 articles and counting). Iíve written a few more articles than magazines (Issue 36 is actually 3 articles stuck together I believe) and theyíll ...
  3. Brambleten's Crowdfunding Chronicles - The Intro

    Hi folks,

    Iíve been thinking about it for a while, but Iíve finally managed to get something blog-like down on paper (internet paper at least). In this fantastically interesting series Iíll be looking at various aspects of the world of Crowdfunding and how it affects the wargaming/miniatures industry.

    First up Ė what is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a form of alternative financing that draws money from a large number of sources compared to traditional financing, ...
    Wamp , Gaming , Real Life
  4. Long time... no post!

    Geez, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last :( It's been a busy year, but I do want to start posting more regularly again.

    Anyway, there's an upcoming show this weekend that I plan on putting 5 brand new pieces in, and some older ones from last year. I'm pretty excited as this experience has been amazing and has stretched me further than I have been, in regards to painting, in a very long time.

    I just finished my fifth new show piece for the upcoming ...
  5. Things on my desk

    So these are the KD Minis I'm working on currently, quick snap with the camera phone. They are in various stages of completion, I'll get some decent photos up tomorrow I hope :)

    Painting , Gaming
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