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  1. ****!

    I lied...# years ago I joined and did a bit of sniffing around then fizzled out realizing I sucked.
    Now? not so much, I have been building skills.

    Updated 15-10-2017 at 06:33 AM by kipli

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  2. China 1911

    In the autumn of 1911 saw some of the biggest changes politically in Chinaís history. For the last 247 years China was ruled by the Qing dynasty. With failures to modernize China the people were becoming unhappy with Imperial rule and their ability to protect China from foreign powers. Several political anti-Qing groups with the purpose of creating change within the country sprang up all over China. Most of these also had support outside of China from Chinese communities living abroad, some if whom ...
  3. A View from the Tower: Reviews and Scoring

    A lot of things have changed recently with how WAMP will handle its reviews. Another change is that our reviews are no longer handing out numeric scores. Thatís a pretty big change, I know, and itís one Iíve been contemplating over the past few months.

    The thought of departing from a standard numeric scoring system first occurred to me back when I reviewed AlexiZís painting tutorial from CMON. It scored extremely low because of a number of technical and production issues that diluted ...

    Updated 11-05-2015 at 09:31 PM by Cregan Tur

    Wamp , Real Life
  4. The Kickstarter Part I

    Well its not even 8am here at Wamp towers but I have already spent an hour and a half on Kickstarter things. But I thought I would take a few minutes to write a little bit about my experience so far. We are now past halfway and a week to go.
    Currently we are past the £19,500 mark and should hit a mind numbing £20,000 later today. Its certainly a long way from where I expected to be.

    Months ago (or is it years now?!!) when I first chewed the idea in my head the main goal was production. ...
  5. The idea

    Iíve had plenty of business ideas over the years, but none Iíve ever felt so passionate about. It capitalizes on my strengths and sounds fun as hell. Iíve never owned a small business before and always aspired to own one, so I began researching. Things looked good soÖ

    Iím going to open an escape room business. This blog will document the development of the business.

    Iím fortunate enough to have a great group of friends who are super creative, clever ...
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