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  1. WIP - Salamanders

    This isn't quite the pattern I had in mind. I changed it because the pattern from the real-world reference really needed the whole body as a background, whereas the basilisk's center legs interfered with the pattern.

    I think I might add some OSL around the eyes, varnish it gloss, finish the base, and be done with it.
  2. WIP - Salamanders

    Still have a ways to go, but they're coming along. I'll be painting over the one on the right with a black pattern of stripes and spots. I'm not sure about the one on the left. He's been getting leftover treatment so far.

    In any case, it helps to post WIP photos, because I almost always see something different (or differently) in a photo than I do IRL.

  3. WIP - Salamanders

  4. WIP - Old Grenadier Lizardman, Part 2: Color Scheme Comparison

    To help decide between color schemes, I figured I'd give each idea fair consideration and show each one side by side. Here's the one with lavender sea-weed -- a color choice purely made for color coordination and aesthetics. Please feel free to weigh in with your preference.

  5. WIP - Old Grenadier Lizardman

    I'm testing colors on this guy. I figure he's wearing a collar made of seaweed, so I'm testing out a green color. I can shade it to a darker green or a darker green-blue or towards a desaturated olive-drab.

    On the other hand, if I go with a light lavender, I can maintain a more analogous color scheme. It just won't look like seaweed (unless it's "fantasy seaweed" ;-) ). I'm also thinking of switching the gold beads around the necklace to match the analogous color scheme as well ...
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