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  1. Blending tutorial part 2

    Just posted the second in the blending tutorial series courtesy of Yvonne. You can see it on my site (
  2. Posted new mini on blogger

    I worked on this guy (Reaper: Piers, Young Mage) for a mini exchange. A lot of fun to paint.


    More of my work and tutorials can be found on my website.
  3. New Photo Tutorial Posted - Making a tree with wire and wood putty

    This tutorial doesn't show some new secret technique for making trees but I did document the steps I take so that it might help someone else who may be just starting out.

    It can be viewed at the Miniature Realm.
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  4. Just testing this out.

    I have a blog site over at blogger already but I thought this could make another good venue to spread the word of the miniature gods...or at least my thoughts.

    I am in the process of building a blog site that I would like to see benefit painters, sculpters, and roleplayers alike. I am always on the lookout for information, reviews, and tutorials to put on the site so if you're an artist or roleplaying guru come on over and check it out. I am looking for outside contributors to help ...
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