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  1. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....part 2

    So then I opened the Nasier add on box...

    Every Model I looked at was perfect..

    I took 4 random models.. an Ashman Swordsman, Shadrus Arikim, the Blind Hakar and a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

    The Ashmen Swordsman

    Awesome cast outstanding detail for a plastic ...
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  2. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....

    On Friday 13th I took delivery of my long awaited Wrath of Kings Kickstarter pledge.

    It came in a huge box which made me think oh my god.. so I opened the box and inside was my King 100 pledge, I actually added on 2 special characters models, the Ancient King and the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Crossover which I will get to later.
    I opted for Shael Han faction and the Nasier faction. The King 100 pledge was for 2 starter sets of my choice and the rule book plus the ...
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  3. My Little Corner Of HobbVille Workshop

    It All Starts Here

    So once I had been swamped with the dazzle of GW and all the armies I had over the years I finally started a new Chapter in my life Divorce, living alone then new relationship, I move to Knaresborough to be with my Lovely but slightly bonkers Girlfriend!! Lisa!

    well we moved to a bigger house and this gave me room to have a Workshop!! its actually a double length garage so my work bench is at the back!

    My Bench

    This is ...
    Painting , Conversion , Real Life
  4. My corner of hobbyville, how it all started!!!

    My Life in HobbyVille

    Back when I was just old enough to understand what my Dad was making I took an interest in Model aircraft, Now back then Airfix was like rat droppings, ya could find it in almost every shop ya walked past. The local news agents store had a shelf full of 1/72 scale planes of all kinds so my Dad would take me to the shop once a week and we would get a model.

    well it started then!! I would make the models then paint them then hang them from my bedroom ...

    Updated 28-02-2013 at 11:31 AM by Normski

    Real Life , Wamp , Painting , Conversion