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  1. Introducing Cang the improbable

    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat23uk View Post
    Hi folks,

    She's finally finished, Cang the Improbable (also known as Cang the implacable) Coolminiornot's enormous dragon of doom!!!

    So I was inspired by Outlander's Moorwen in painting this dragon. and found some interesting UV reactive paints. For those not familiar with the film Outlander, this is a Moorwen:

    not to be confused with a moor
  2. Raging Heroes Manticore WIP

    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat23uk View Post
    Hi all,

    here's a little manticore that I'm currently working on while taking a break from Cang the improbable (who is very nearly finished and I need to just touch up a few areas here and there).

    This little manticore turned out to be smaller than I had imagined and was a right little to put together! Lots of green stuff later and we have this. I started by working on his face, which, I realised I would need to paint in two stages, first the tongue and inside of