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The Wonderful World of Radom!

I'm gonna blog all my painting stuff. Plus whatever I feel like it. Do NOT expect to get anything useful out of this. I will try and track the mini's I am painting here and I promise to ramble. The headaches are free in Radomville!

  1. Busy!!!!

    Holy smokes! Just wanted to post and say I am still around and alive. Super busy doingthe sales gig through work. Maybe working around 60-70hrs a week regularly. Really enjoying it though. Also now that I have full fledged weekends off for the first time in 16 years I am enjoying getting out a little more with the family. And without sometimes too. Having a coupe days for a hangover is *****in'! Even golfed twice this weekend! That's twice more than I have in 5 years-ish.

  2. The joy of painting mini mini's.

    Man, I painted a little robot from a company called "Studio Junger" a week or so ago. It was really tiny mini, I bet no taller than 8mm. I mounted it on a pre-cast base from Dragon Forge Design. So all in all very little prep work! A small mini like that can only have so much flash. I had the primer on in about 15 minutes. I was done painting around a couple hours afterwards, broken up into a couple small paint sessions.

    What a super fun experience! I got to work start to finish ...
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  3. One month plus without buying a mini!

    Man. What the hell? I just realized thsat without even trying I have been one month without buying a new mini. That is a big deal for me. More so because I didn't realize it happened. I'm pretty compulsive about heading down to the LGS or ordering online like every second week. What's even more *****in' is that I know I got stuff coming in the mail from the LA comp, so that's gonna feed my addiction for free! That leaves my mini spending money available for other stuff. Which is awesome. ...
  4. Super Freedom!

    So Arctica asked me "What's up next?" commenting on a mini of mine over on Chest of Colours and it was awesome, because my answer was... I dunno.

    It feels really good! For most of my painting days I was painting for game related stuff. I always new what my next ten projects were going to be as it was stuff I wanted to get done for gaming. Then after I went online and cowboyed up and started trying to improve myself I sort of still had a pretty good gameplan of what my upcoming ...
    Painting , Painting
  5. Real world oddness

    So me and the bro go downtown to check out a movie at the good theater. "The Crazies" which was not too shabby. On our way in, a homeless dude picks me out of the half dozen people crossing the street and says "Excuse me, can you give me a twoonie?" which is our beloved national two dollar coin. I looked him in the eye and said "No". I didn't bother giving my body the pat-down you always see. Like people forget where they would carry their coins, if they had them. Maybe they're in my breast ...
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