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Gaming on a Budget

  1. China 1911

    In the autumn of 1911 saw some of the biggest changes politically in China’s history. For the last 247 years China was ruled by the Qing dynasty. With failures to modernize China the people were becoming unhappy with Imperial rule and their ability to protect China from foreign powers. Several political anti-Qing groups with the purpose of creating change within the country sprang up all over China. Most of these also had support outside of China from Chinese communities living abroad, some if whom ...
  2. Gaming China's history

    Over the next few issues of Irregular magazine I'm going to be looking at China's history and mythical background for gaming ideas. so I'm going to use the blog to do some follow up articles. My first article is going to look at the turbulent period of 1911-1938. it's a period in which warlords thrived, the Japanese invaded and the slow start of various factors trying to take control of the country from the Warlords. It's also a period where the West started to take a massive interest in the country. ...
  3. Time to kick start my blog again

    Hi all

    Well it's been a while since I last wrote a piece on this blog....So I've decided to kick start it again but I could do a with a few ideas...I want to stick with gaming as a theme, and I may include some painting posts as well. So I'm writing this entry in appeal for some ideas or post themes for me to write about...

    I will then pick some of the better and more sensible ideas to write around...yes I'am expecting some completely insane ideas from you buggers... ...
    Painting , Gaming
  4. Using the D20 Licence

    The 3.5 or D20 licence development kit is a great tool to use, it provides the core mechanics for the D20 system, and makes designing and developing products for WotC’s Dungeons and Dragons game a much more easier process.

    I plan to write and develop a campaign setting for Ancient Rome, and the plan is to make use of the D20 core rule system, so this will become the backbone of my planned project. Entitle “All Roads Lead to Rome” will be made available as a free to download PDF file, ...
  5. Making your own it possible??

    Have you ever thought of writing your own RPG or wargame system? Over the next few blog posts I'll be looking at some of the ideas and ways in which to make this possible. My first port of call will be to look at producing your own RPG.

    Is it Possible?

    The answer in short is YES. The end product will depend on how much time and effort you want to put into the project, also how complicated and indepth do you want those rules to be. Do you want to make a simple set of ...

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