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  1. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....part 2

    So then I opened the Nasier add on box...

    Every Model I looked at was perfect..

    I took 4 random models.. an Ashman Swordsman, Shadrus Arikim, the Blind Hakar and a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

    The Ashmen Swordsman

    Awesome cast outstanding detail for a plastic ...
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  2. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....

    On Friday 13th I took delivery of my long awaited Wrath of Kings Kickstarter pledge.

    It came in a huge box which made me think oh my god.. so I opened the box and inside was my King 100 pledge, I actually added on 2 special characters models, the Ancient King and the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Crossover which I will get to later.
    I opted for Shael Han faction and the Nasier faction. The King 100 pledge was for 2 starter sets of my choice and the rule book plus the ...
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  3. Bringing in the New Year

    Happy New Year Wampers!

    I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. This time of year is traditionally one of new beginnings and for many of us a time to plan the year ahead, to dream of dream, create bucket lists or just vow to do some things better. Inevitably we fail on many but the belief is there.

    While I don't hold with New Year resolutions myself it is a good time to spring clean the to do list.

    So with that I have taken a little time to assess ...
  4. Shifting the Blog

    As much as I like blogging here on WAMP, it reaches a small audience. Joining the 6MMRPC made me realize that I need group support (therapy?), and site membership requirements prevent that support from shared links and casual readers. So, 6MMRPC posts and other content will go on a rebuilt Blogger page - . Don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily. I will still be here, just doing a little less blogging.

  5. 6MMRPC update - September 28

    While I lost some time this week to illness and several family events, I still made some progress here and there. Currently, these are all the minis seeing activity and their status:

    Sedition Wars: 28 Vanguard troopers, 6 small A.I. Drone Tanks, 2 large A.I. Drone Tanks and 1 Kara in Gnosis Armor - roughly 40% done, up through grey basecoat on armor. Separate bases are about 70% done.

    Sedition Wars: 22 various Strain Revenants - about 30% done, up through greyish green ...

    Updated 29-09-2014 at 03:45 AM by GreyHorde (add snapshots)

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