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  1. Thief of Hearts: WIP 4

    I have officially finished the angel part of this tiny diorama of sorts. I put a wash on her armor last night, did touch-ups, and did her wings as well. I decided that the “blue jay” approach wouldn’t work.. so I left out the white parts of the wings and just went with black and blue. I added the lines after I shaded the wings with a mixture of blue + orange and highlighted it with a mix of blue + light orange + white. I really like how the wings look, my photos do them no justice. I think ...
  2. Thief of Hearts: WIP 3

    Today I broke down and painted the metallics on her armor; this time experimenting with “shading” the armor with regular paint. I know it can be done and have read about it, however I just tried my own take and I must admit, I really like it. Sad thing is, once finished doing the detailing work on the armor, my eyes were shot for the night. I think I probably put a good 5 hours in her today and I base coated her wings.

    I also took a friend’s advice and made her tunic more ...
  3. Thief of Hearts: WIP 1

    I started painting Dark Sword’s Thief of Hearts last night with the color scheme I mentioned in an earlier post. She’s coming along nicely I’m implementing what I learned in the seminar, as well, so I’m hoping that I can pull it off. I think from the photo, I need to deepen the shading. I don’t want to bring the highlights up too much because I want the focus to be on her face, so until then the highlights ...
  4. Long time... no post!

    Geez, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last :( It's been a busy year, but I do want to start posting more regularly again.

    Anyway, there's an upcoming show this weekend that I plan on putting 5 brand new pieces in, and some older ones from last year. I'm pretty excited as this experience has been amazing and has stretched me further than I have been, in regards to painting, in a very long time.

    I just finished my fifth new show piece for the upcoming ...
  5. Hobby Chat : 40k

    I haven't really posted anything related to the miniature painting hobby in a while. I've been busy painting my angel for the past month for an upcoming show that will be held this coming week.

    I gotta give a shout out to my husband, Tim. He's an amazing man who tolerates me through thick and thin. He is the reason I got into the hobby to begin with. When I began painting, I painted 40k figures with him for his armies. The first things I painted for myself were the Beatles Resin ...
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