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  1. Thief of Hearts: WIP 1

    I started painting Dark Swordís Thief of Hearts last night with the color scheme I mentioned in an earlier post. Sheís coming along nicely Iím implementing what I learned in the seminar, as well, so Iím hoping that I can pull it off. I think from the photo, I need to deepen the shading. I donít want to bring the highlights up too much because I want the focus to be on her face, so until then the highlights ...
  2. Long time... no post!

    Geez, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last :( It's been a busy year, but I do want to start posting more regularly again.

    Anyway, there's an upcoming show this weekend that I plan on putting 5 brand new pieces in, and some older ones from last year. I'm pretty excited as this experience has been amazing and has stretched me further than I have been, in regards to painting, in a very long time.

    I just finished my fifth new show piece for the upcoming ...
  3. Thief of Hearts: WIP 1

    Last night I put Dark Sword’s Thief of Hearts together. She was quite a challenge, I must admit. She had a few hard-to-reach mold lines that I got, and where her arms are, the left one was hard to get to glue in because it’s under her hair. It was quite a rough time.. but we got it. She is completely put together, prepped (liquid green stuff filling in the gaps between where body parts are glued in), and primed.
  4. Thief of Hearts - Finished!

  5. Thief of Hearts WIP 11 - Putting it all together

    I finished up painting the figure, and glued her onto the base. I added sand in the gaps, as planned, and will paint them once it dries. I also thought the whole composition needed a little something, so I added a ferret. :-) I'll prime and paint him up once the glue on him dries, too.

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