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  1. Current Project: Thief of Hearts Sword Mage

    Iím currently working on the Thief of Hearts Sword Mage from Darksword Miniatures. Iím applying a lot of what I learned from the seminar I sat in at NOVA as I paint along and I must admit that it really opens my eyes to expanding my thoughts on painting. Iím attempting to do a forced focus on her face by slowly brightening up the figure bit by bit. Iím also attempting NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) as well, which will be interesting. I have a good bit of time to finish her before the NCMSS Show ...
  2. Long time... no post!

    Geez, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted last :( It's been a busy year, but I do want to start posting more regularly again.

    Anyway, there's an upcoming show this weekend that I plan on putting 5 brand new pieces in, and some older ones from last year. I'm pretty excited as this experience has been amazing and has stretched me further than I have been, in regards to painting, in a very long time.

    I just finished my fifth new show piece for the upcoming ...