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  1. skullmininfig online store

    hi all just to let you all know ive just finished setting up my online store
    Wamp , Painting , Gaming
  2. Hobby Chat : 40k

    I haven't really posted anything related to the miniature painting hobby in a while. I've been busy painting my angel for the past month for an upcoming show that will be held this coming week.

    I gotta give a shout out to my husband, Tim. He's an amazing man who tolerates me through thick and thin. He is the reason I got into the hobby to begin with. When I began painting, I painted 40k figures with him for his armies. The first things I painted for myself were the Beatles Resin ...
  3. Time to start a new blog...

    Here we go!

    I'm going to use this for random musings and model related stuff, maybe even put some pictures up too.

    First port of call, time to start yet again another Necron army. This will be the third time, but I have a completly new colour scheme in my head. Your all just going to wait and see though.

    At the moment I will just be using up spares from my old army, which most have been sold. So I have:

    1 Lord
    4 Troops
    Painting , Gaming
  4. Reaper's Winged Tiger

    Man this tiger was a challenge!! I really enjoyed painting him for my friend, to go with his druid, and I can't wait to see him in play when our D&D group starts our Epic game next week. My husband has been DMing this game for 6 years and our characters are level 29!

    The tiger is a celestial-type white tiger. It is currently wearing an item in our game that allows it to have wings. This figure, was simply, perfect.

    I base-coated the tiger white. Now, white ...
  5. Cirdan,High Elf Wizard: Finished!

    Tonight I bit the bullet and finished him up since I'm starting to get a backlog of things I need to get done in a timely fashion :(. I did what Wag recommended, adding bone white to the folds that are worse for wear in the robes, and really like how the effect looks!! Thanks, Wag!!

    The base, again, was from Micro Art Studios. I added some dark green static grass for some vegetation. Enjoy!!

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