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  1. Butcher Kingdom Death

    Name:  Butcher.jpg
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    Here is my finished Butcher! Sadly the shot is from a camera phone, I really need to get a decent shot of him, he was a pleasure to paint :)
  2. Gaming China's history

    Over the next few issues of Irregular magazine I'm going to be looking at China's history and mythical background for gaming ideas. so I'm going to use the blog to do some follow up articles. My first article is going to look at the turbulent period of 1911-1938. it's a period in which warlords thrived, the Japanese invaded and the slow start of various factors trying to take control of the country from the Warlords. It's also a period where the West started to take a massive interest in the country. ...
  3. Things on my desk

    So these are the KD Minis I'm working on currently, quick snap with the camera phone. They are in various stages of completion, I'll get some decent photos up tomorrow I hope :)

    Name:  desk.jpg
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    Painting , Gaming
  4. Pete's 1 year countdown to Kingdom Death Launch

    The Kingdom Death Kickstarter is well underway!

    In this blog I intend to countdown the time it takes Adam to produce the game, using my time wisely to paint the existing range in time for launch and show case the models here.

    I have a rather unhealthy obsession for KD and recently did this.....Name:  kdboxes.jpg
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Size:  56.7 KB

    I have a few models underway, the Flower Knight, Female Survivor ...
  5. News, Views and Semi-random-ish-ness

    Obviously, I have been away for a while. Over the summer I changed jobs (for the better!), worked both the old and new jobs for about a month, and finally took a much-needed and long-overdue vacation in early October. Wife, daughter and I rolled out for an old-fashioned road trip to Colorado. It was an amazing journey, to say the least, and we look forward to going back someday.

    News: I am proud to say I have been selected as a contributing painter for Rastlworld Miniatures! Lysette ...
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