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  1. 12 Days Round 5

    Day 5: Isn't it obvious?
    1. What colour is the "black box" flight recorder in a commercial aircraft?
    2. In what month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
    3. In which country did Panama hats originate?
    4. How many Imperial Roman Legionaries formed a century?
    5. The Canary Islands are named for what type of creature?
    6. What is laverbread?
  2. 12 Days Round 4

    Today is a picture round. There are six pictures of famous villains, I want to know who they are and who their nemesis is.

    Day 4 "He's a very naughty boy!"

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	villain1.jpg 
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ID:	33158

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Name:	villain2.jpg 
Views:	117 
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ID:	33159

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Name:	villain3.jpg 
Views:	118 
Size:	8.2 KB 
ID:	33160

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Name:	villain4.jpg 
Views:	113 
Size:	5.7 KB 
ID:	33161

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Name:	villain5.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	14.4 KB 
ID:	33162

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Name:	villain6.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	6.6 KB 
ID:	33163
  3. 12 Days Round 3

    Day 3 Books
    1. Who wrote "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"?
    2. The cannibal Queequeg appears in which book?
    3. Which children's book character almost became the main ingredient in a roly-poly pudding?
    4. In Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels, what is the nickname of Captain William Frederickson of the 60th Royal American Rifles?
    5. In the Discworld series, who is the Archchancellor of the Unseen University during most of the novels?
    6. In ...
  4. 12 Days Round 2

    Day 2: General knowledge 1
    1. In Roman numerals what is 2013?
    2. Meaning "before noon" what does the abbreviation "am" stand for?
    3. A human has seven vertebrae in their neck. How many does a giraffe have?
    4. Which mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain?
    5. How many dominoes are there in a traditional set?
    6. Which item of clothing is named after the Earl who led the Charge of the Light Brigade?
  5. 12 Days of Quizmas Round 1

    As promised, here begineth the Wamp 12 Days of Quizmas. If you want to join in all you need to do is PM your answers to me (The Quiz Master), don't post them on the blog as everyone will be able to see them. As we're on the internet it would be very easy to just look the answers up but that rather defeats the object so try to do it without cheating.

    This round is the one and only Christmas themed round, I promise.

    Day 1 The first and only Crimbo round

    1. How ...
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