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  1. 12 Days Round 10


    Day 10 Food
    1. From which fish does caviar traditionally come?
    2. What is used to make soba noodles?
    3. What is a "spurtle" used for?
    4. From which plant is saffron obtained?
    5. What is a truffle?
    6. What shape is "Lumache" pasta?
  2. 12 Days Round 9

    Day 9 Biology
    1. What organ does the adjective "hepatic" refer to?
    2. Where in the body would you find the "Bowman's capsule" and the "Loop of Henle"?
    3. How many lobes comprise the human brain?
    4. Where would you find the oval window (hint: the answer isn't Playschool)?
    5. Including wisdom teeth, how many teeth does a human adult have?
    6. What are phalanges?
  3. 12 Days Round 8

    An easy round today, just have a look at these logos and tell me which company/product/organisation they represent. Some of them may have bits missing so as not to make it too glaringly obvious.






  4. 12 Days Round 7

    If you're feeling rough from a night of drunken debauchery, have a hair of the dog.

    Day 7 Make mine a large
    1. Approximately how many pints are there in a yard of ale?
    2. What substance gives the Greek wine Retsina its unique flavour?
    3. At what occasion did Jesus purportedly turn water into wine?
    4. The name of which drink translates to English as "Aunt Mary?
    5. Which liqueur contains minute amounts of genuine gold leaf?
    6. What was the name ...
  5. 12 Days Round 6

    The last round of the year. Were you paying attention?

    Day 6 Goodbye 2012

    1. It was the Queen's diamond jubilee this year meaning she's been on the throne of the UK for 60 years but how old is Her Maj?
    2. What was the name of the Mars Rover which landed in August?
    3. The artist PSY had a hit with "Gangnam Style", what country is he from?
    4. From what (approximate) height did Felix Baumgartner jump to set the new skydiving world record? ...
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