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  1. 2 Down, 28 to go

    My First WAMP blog!

    Well it has been an odd couple of weeks for me personally speaking. Today I have finished Portal and just sent it for an final check after the amendments have been done and completed 2 out of my "30 things to do before I die" list. My first was getting an 8 over on cool mini with the WIP picture of the Krigar I painted. Not that I'm bothered about the scores [I]***cough bullsh@t cough***[/I] or was I checking it 3 or 4 times a day:redface:.
    My second ...
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  2. I've gone and done it now


    After literally years (two really, just) of procrastination I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a painting dvd.

    I was at Dark Sword shopping and browsing and, well, it was one of those 'I was there, she was there' sichy-ashuns, our eyes met, I weakened, and before I knew it my cart was heavier by a three dvd set. The price seemed OK and the description not too overblown, no promises of instant success so here's hoping I haven't blown the price of a SmartMax ...
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  3. Apothecary in the works

    Very excited today!
    A couple of days ago I recieved from one of their finally restocked plastic apothecary arms!

    Alas, then I realised there was no way it was going to 1. look good on a terminator (too small) or 2. allow me to cut parts off to attach to a terminator arm.

    Time for plan B.

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    Firstly I took a good hard look at ...
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  4. Precinct Omega Goes to Nottingham

    Well, Hammerhead is approaching fast and the last-minute arrangements are being hurriedly made.

    My Dearly Beloved - a.k.a. She Who Must Be Obeyed - is tagging along to run the shop on the grounds that I'd just give the stuff away with half a chance, and she wants to see it pay. SWMBO has refused all suggestions that she should dress in costume... this time.

    I'll be feverishly painting a Matic Games army from box to tabletop in a meagre six hours with the assistance ...
  5. Da Daaah


    After many months of Porcine related incidents I can, albeit with some trepidation, say that I am back of the land of the painted figure. These small technical difficulties have now been mostly rectified; those pigs without roast beef have been sated, the lil porker that went to market and cried wee wee wee has safely made it all the way back home, those piggly wigglies with canine based housing issues are now in secure housing and the speech impaired hog that cavorts on the ...
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