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  1. Juggling plates and Herding Cats

    It's been a while since my last blog (and the weekly update promise rapidly went out of the window (though in my defence I did predict it would!). I suppose I'm still catching up from the Christmas period.
    The plan was to go over the whole site during the holidays; update everything, fix all those little glitches that don't really affect things but you know they are there. It's like the scratch on the car - its tiny, no-one can really see it but you can. You know its there , it stands out ...
    Wamp , Painting , Wamp , Painting
  2. Wots That?!..........

    ..........Is what I seem to be saying a great deal at the moment. hello

    Why? New Eyes is why, yep I have eventually got around to picking them up. The dialation test required I have a driver so I had to wait until last Friday to run down and get them and ohhhh lordy havent they made a difference......

    I can see clearly now the paint has dried
    I can see all mold lines in my way
    gone are the dark shadows........

    Well you get the point. ...
  3. A level of wargaming self-suffiency

    So, following on from my initial idea of painting and selling models to pay for my wargaming hobby I've been busy filtering through the eBay auctions. Now I thought this little process would of been easy, just lounging about, a click here, a click there and Bobs your uncle! It turns out I don't have an uncle Bob and I'm rather glad too. He'd rarely appear, only under his own terms, over value himself and probably get his wife to push his creditability through the roof at the last second! Suffice ...
  4. Hi

    Hello to all, I come fom Malta and i am new to this great hobby. I am still learning to paint but hope to learn a lot from all of you.
  5. I'm In Trouble

    hello All

    I've gone and stuffed up again! I thought I might go and get one or two Rackham pieces while there is still some left about the place, as one is want to do. Well I search and found the Ludick Bazare or what ever it is called, started monitor shopping (like window shopping only you get to sit down) and, .....errr, .....well, ......umm, I ended up with a bit more stuff than I should have, a big bit more...of stuff, ..........a really big bit of stuff!

    I'm ...
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