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  1. Beautiful day

    So we were blessed with gorgeous weather this weekend. I'm grateful that I spent a decent amount of time outdoors enjoying it. I also took advantage of the ideal temperature and humidity to prime some models.

    I primed enough orcs to get me started, while I continue to assemble their brethren. I busted Bootsy, the guard-dog, slacking on the job.


    Updated 14-03-2011 at 12:23 AM by Shades

  2. Starting point

    So I'm going to transition the WIP threads that I've been maintaining and shift them over to the blog. Before I show details, here's an overview of all my current projects:

    1. Expanding the Lizardman army for Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition.
    2. Starting an Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy.
    3. Painting a goblin diorama for the Imbrian Arts Goblin competition.
    4. Painting Sir Goblin by Gamezone.
    5. Expanding my Dark Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy.
    6. Oh, ...

    Updated 14-03-2011 at 12:25 AM by Shades

  3. <begin> Blog....

    I posed myself a question on one of my threads whether it would make more sense to show my WIP reports in a blog format rather than individual threads. The deafening silence to the question gave me my answer, ha, ha! To be fair, I guess I just said that I posed the question to myself, so who did I expect to answer?

    Anyway, I drifted to the blog section here for the first time since joining WAMP, and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover new ground here in WAMPLand. So I ...
  4. Just when you thought it was all over...

    Fear not faithful followers (if there are any!) I have not abandoned the wraithlord project, and I bring you with no further ado the first part of the basing!


    Now I liked the suggestiong Darklord made of having extra height on one side to add a bit more interest to the piece so I rolled some card up and taped it to the lid. Then I took a notecard and cut it into an isosceles trapezoid (that's a triangle with the pointy ...
  5. Development/biography of a painter...part 1

    Never quite sure how to start these things, so I'll get straight into my first blog post with a fairly biggie. It's a tale of a journey through one painters life thus far, and the thoughts/dilemmas we've all no doubt faced at various times in our lives with regards to painting.

    It all started before the days of the internet...(by the way, I'm 26 for those that were wondering)

    A neighbour's older brother had a selection of 3rd edition Warhammer, which I became fascinated ...
    Real Life
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