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  1. Good News, My New Eyes Have Arrived ............STOP PRESS

    hello wampers

    The optometrist rang to let me know my new specs have arrived for fitting, hoorah! Bad news is they still have to do the diabetes (just one of the small technical difficulties I had to deal with while I was away) eye dilation test. Bad news, I need a driver to get home afterwards and cant get one till friday, so the new eyes are so close yet so far away....... bugger! My mini's will have to suffer for a few more days.

    My new painting dvd has arrived so ...

    Updated 21-02-2011 at 04:56 AM by three little pigs

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    Painting , Real Life , background noise
  2. A level of wargaming self-sufficiency

    OK, I've had an idea, it may not be overly sensible or practical but I'm quite sure it isn't dangerous! Now I've been painting and wargaming for 15 years now and I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, it has been my one constant hobby (unlike gardening, picture painting, any form of exercise) and the rewards have been personally great. It's fun, challenging, a great social exercise when teamed with wargames groups and certain web based forums (Yup WaMP) and something that is a great ...
  3. a rambling I will go...

    So here's the wag again, well behind schedule with his painting as always. Finished my ladder challenge against Knott47 but still waiting for his entry so we can get some voting. Having said that I'm quite chuffed as my entry scooped a Wampie for most fun theme. Just managed to scrape in a cringe-making entry to the latest Wamp Monthly 'Fairy Tale' only to see some plonker scored it a 10. Sometimes I wonder about the senility of people on this site - apart from me that is. My army challenge has ...
  4. Plans

    One of the biggest hold-ups for me to get back into painting is having a decent paint station and screen (to cach the over spray) for using my airbrush. It would be easy to buy one but where would I keep it? My apartment is tiny for four people and I cannot cover the dinning room table with my painting supplies for days at a time.

    Things I need from a painting station:
    -Compact: When I store it away for a week or two it needs to be out of the way and not an inconvenience. ...
  5. 2 Down, 28 to go

    My First WAMP blog!

    Well it has been an odd couple of weeks for me personally speaking. Today I have finished Portal and just sent it for an final check after the amendments have been done and completed 2 out of my "30 things to do before I die" list. My first was getting an 8 over on cool mini with the WIP picture of the Krigar I painted. Not that I'm bothered about the scores [I]***cough bullsh@t cough***[/I] or was I checking it 3 or 4 times a day:redface:.
    My second ...
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