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  1. The play's the thing....again

    Back when the run of Bull In A China Shop came to end, we were sitting around and asking who all was going to try out for the next play - The King and I. Since Bull was the third production in a row that I had been involved in, I said that I was going to pass. I was still pretty new to acting and all that and it was starting to take a bit of a toll.

    However, I was asked to be the stage manager for The King and I and I couldn't pass up such a great opportunity. Even though it was some ...
    Real Life
  2. Wamp: The family grows

    First I want to explain what my intentions for these particular blogs are about. The plan is for me to keep track of some of the goings on 'behind the secenes' of Wamp with a weekly update, nothing earth shatteringly riveting most likely but maybe its a kind of therapy for me, though I fully expect my intention of weekly updates willl fall by the wayside!!

    I thought now was an apt time as we recently saw the start of a new chapter in Wamps history, the birth of Portal. I must ...

    Updated 26-08-2010 at 11:48 AM by Darklord

    Wamp , Wamp
  3. Cheap wargame miniatures

    Hi all

    Its been a while since my last post, its been a busy time and my other blog has also suffered from a lack of articles. So apologies aside what am I looking at today, well trying to game on a budget I find that you generally come unstuck when you involve miniatures, you could always use paper/card minis, which are free from But if you're anything like me then you prefer using something that requires a lick of paint on them.


    Updated 16-08-2010 at 08:38 AM by warhammergrimace

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  4. Haunted

    Found a fig to pic n post, the jolly little blighter has been rolling around in the bottom of countless drawers and packing boxes for a number of years now, of course the minute you want to find it it becomes impossible to locate.

    So I've snapped it and made an album thing in the gallery and to prove I have no shame posted it (link). I cant tell you who made it or what it is painted as, I definitely can tell you it is possibly maybe likely to be about ten years old.
    Painting , background noise
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the past

    Like so many I am a repeat offender. I've been in and out of gaming since I was 12, and yes that is a long time ago. This latest re-engagement with miniatures started back in March after I decided I had pretty much had enough of my job, a job that kept me away from home 4 weeks out of 5 and involved a lot of travelling to and fro, the latest work site being just about as as far away as is possible and still be 'in country' some 4000km, 17 hours door to door and involved planes, trains and automobiles. ...

    Updated 09-08-2010 at 11:56 AM by three little pigs

    Painting , background noise
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