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  1. Busy, busy, busy

    To say that things have been hectic for me lately would be a major understatement. In fact, this past week I've hardly even been home except to sleep.

    We had the play The King and I at the Playhouse for four performances and everyone did a fantastic job. For me, it was a wonderful experience as Stage Manager since I was able to learn so much about the backstage aspects of putting on a play of that size and scope. Eight scene changes, most of them having to be done in less than two ...
    Real Life
  2. Times change so quickly on the interweb..

    Due to the incompetence of several British telephony companies i have been offline for 4-5 weeks recently, and what a pain in the arse its been i can tell ya!

    I come back online and my fav sites have changed into something different

    This place seems to be 'distancing' itself from CMON (am i right in presuming this?)

    The members here rarely post on CMON anymore, and that guy who isnt called Dave has given up the Miniature exchange!!

    Whats happening ...
  3. Messing with my mojo

    SO, i'm sure it happens to most men once they reach a certain age, and while not all would be comfortable with discussing it in public I believe its important to get it out in the open. You know the score, everything goes well for ages, you perform well and the pleasure is there but after a while the magiic can fade and you start to avoid it, the fun is gone and you wonder whether you can ever be the same man again.
    Yep I must admit I have the embarassing afliction......I've lost my paint-fu! ...
  4. 100 pushup challenge

    Yup - this post is not about painting, or minis. It's about excercise.....wait!...come back!

    Are you still here? Well I'd lilke to tell you about a challenge I have recently picked up the gauntlet for. It's to do 100 pushups (pressups) consecutively.
    Sounds hard right?

    If you've met me, or seen a pic you'll know I am an 8 (and a bit) stone weakling with no muscles in my arms - I mean, I can barely lift a paintbrush.
    So, yeah, I can't do pressups and it's ...
  5. The Sniper

    Warning - you will see a realise I'm a big bag of crazy after reading this (if you didn't already know).

    Some of you may know this story, or at least some of it.
    Last year for Games Day I started work on a Forgeworld Sniper. I wanted to do my best work, and spent longer prepping it than I ever thought possible, I even used a little putty to smooth out the cloak and fill holes in the legs!
    I experienced some difficulties early on, like snapping off the scope on the rifle. ...
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