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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the past

    Like so many I am a repeat offender. I've been in and out of gaming since I was 12, and yes that is a long time ago. This latest re-engagement with miniatures started back in March after I decided I had pretty much had enough of my job, a job that kept me away from home 4 weeks out of 5 and involved a lot of travelling to and fro, the latest work site being just about as as far away as is possible and still be 'in country' some 4000km, 17 hours door to door and involved planes, trains and automobiles. ...

    Updated 09-08-2010 at 11:56 AM by three little pigs

    Painting , background noise
  2. N.O.C Nerd of colour

    I read a really interesting and heartfelt article today about being, what the writer calls, a Nerd Of Colour (NoC) and how although a huge geek fanboy, finds himself visually under-represented in the entertainment and gaming industry.

    Please take the time to have a read here:

    It really struck me when the writer mentions Firefly as a case study. In that universe China has become such a super power that it's ...
    Real Life , Gaming
  3. Into the wild

    So the move is done, were settling in to our new lives in South Africa, and Im getting the best suntan Ive had in years! :).
    The bad thing is though, all of my hobby gear is still packed up safely and securely in the loft of my mother-in-law's house in Southampton, UK!

    It will be interesting to see whether my style of painting and sculpting might change to adapt to my new surroundings. Apart from anything else, its quite nice to have a break from things seeing as I was well ...

    Updated 03-08-2010 at 11:27 AM by Moth

  4. Years of un-practice

    After years of postponing the inevitable. I am returning to painting, as the brushes and valejo paint call my name from a dusty shelf. I still have not touched 1/2 my paints currently. As i look though the ones i have seen, I seem to have many missing as well. More then 1/2 of the painted mini on my painted shelf have seen better days and have now been stripped of most their paint. True , i have multiple drawers fulled with bare metal miniatures. I am just saddened to see the ones 1/2 painted ...
  5. The joy of painting mini mini's.

    Man, I painted a little robot from a company called "Studio Junger" a week or so ago. It was really tiny mini, I bet no taller than 8mm. I mounted it on a pre-cast base from Dragon Forge Design. So all in all very little prep work! A small mini like that can only have so much flash. I had the primer on in about 15 minutes. I was done painting around a couple hours afterwards, broken up into a couple small paint sessions.

    What a super fun experience! I got to work start ...
    Wamp , Painting , Painting
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