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  1. The Madness of Wamp Ė A Year In

    In roughly a week, Iíll have been a part of the Wamp community for a whole year, so I thought Iíd take a break from my usual blog posts about Crowdfunding and wander around some analysis of my first year here.
    Firstly, I joined up because Sparks asked me to join the Portal team to write Crowdfunding articles, which started with issue 33 (that makes 4 articles and counting). Iíve written a few more articles than magazines (Issue 36 is actually 3 articles stuck together I believe) and theyíll ...
  2. Brambleten's Crowdfunding Chronicles Part III - What Happens When A Project Fails?

    What happens when a project fails?

    Thanks to a question from Spectral Dragon following my last article, I have a subject for my slightly belated next entry. I will in future articles go back to my plan of going through each part stage by stage, but for today, Iím looking at what happens when projects fail to reach their goal.

    So, youíve spent months prepping and developing an idea, drumming up interest through social media and launched your project with a great ...
  3. Raising the Bar, One Notch at a Time

    Yesterday, I finished the Dark Sword amazon. The result is okay, not great; I suppose that means I may have raised my expectations a bit, however unintentionally. Or maybe the sculpt demanded more precision with larger 'cloth' and skin areas needing smooth blending, smaller details, greenstuff for the hair, etc. Either way, I spent a little too much time on it and started to get slightly tired of working on it, but at least it's finished and off my table.

    I also picked Carinth ...
  4. Time Marches On

    A couple of weeks ago, I noted that I had completed a couple of models, the first in months. Painting for fun, sans deadline, was a good experience. Building on that, a few days later saw the return of a pair of Reaper minis, languishing about 10% finished for probably 2 years. They are identical, two copies of the same piece. Why? One for practice, the other for perfekt.

    My original goal was to paint one for Reaper Con or Gen Con, but now it's just for me. Oh, yeah, I ...
  5. One Year to the Day

    One year to the day since my last post, and all I can say is, "Where did the time go?!?" The answer is day job, family, home, family medical, holidays, etc. The job has been vampiiric for a long time...sleep-depriving, stressful and life-draining.

    In hobby terms, I got a few minis painted in 2013. A little Malifaux, one rushed entry for Gen Con, a bench queen or two. On the other hand, I got in a bit more tabletop gaming and, for the first time in several years, ran a ...
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