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Wamp Review: MDP Pigments


  • Wamp Review: MDP Pro Pigments

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ID:	425395Model Display Products (MDP) is a new company offering various basing products as well as recently acquiring the rights to Spyglass miniatures (now sold under the name of War Griffon Miniatures). MDP's Pro Pigment set offers another string to their bow and here I will take a look at how they perform.

    There are 12 different powders available. These can be purchased separately at £3 for a 20ml pot which is slightly more than equivalent Vallejo powders but only a little more. If you opt for the full set of 12 at £30 they work out cheaper than the Vallejo's anyway.
    The colour choice is good with regular colours like Red Oxide and various Sienna's and earth tones. Yellow Ochre is a nice bright colour and coupled with the addition of Titanium White the set offers some brighter options though I personally would love to see brighter pigments available such as purples and greens though that's a general wish not directed just at this range!! MDP will be releasing a further 3 colours soon to compliment the range (Graphite and two green earth's)

    All the pigments come in a handy little plastic pot with screw lid. Each has an easy to see colour co-ordinated lid which makes them easy to select the colour your looking for, it's a nice little touch.

    The powders are all made from finely ground natural earth pigments and the first thing I noticed was they seem much finer than the Vallejo's. They tented to clump less which helped with application.

    The powder is easy to apply, whether that's in a dry form just dabbed on with a brush or in a wet form. Various methods give you a wide range of effects and some experimentation can really reap the rewards of what you can get out of these.

    Application is certainly less messy than using the Vallejo's pigments which is a great plus point and helps stop cross contamination via your work surface.Click image for larger version

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    All in all this is a great product. While more expensive than equivalents it's only a few pence for a pot that will last you years and if you opt for the full set they are actually cheaper. The quality is good and the colour choice is great and it all adds up to a product I will continue to use at the expense of my other brand pigments.
    • Quality: 10/10 Excellent quality .
    • Application: 9.5/10 Easy to use with minimal mess.
    • Value: 9/10 The set option makes these cheaper than many rivals. Well worth the money.
    • Overall: 9.5 - A great quality product I would recommend.
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    • NeatPete
      NeatPete commented
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      Thanks for the review Brett. I already have a set of Mig, but these sound nice as well. May try out a few colors though.

    • ScottRadom
      ScottRadom commented
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      I have the entire range of these and quite an extensive collection of MiG. They compare easily to each other in terms of quality. I bought this range because I felt it had a nice assortment of colours to compliment the tones in my collection of MiG pigments. And of course, supporting Martyn is worth while too!

    • Ulfgrimr
      Ulfgrimr commented
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      Many thanks for the info Scott.
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