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14-08-2011, 07:06 PM
Legacy Miniatures Confrontation Flesh Golem

Confrontation miniatures is back in a big way thanks in part to Legacy Miniatures, distributed exclusively by Cool Minis or Not retailing at $79.99. The Flesh Golem is a striking miniature on the table top with some unbelievable details in the sculpt and has two large demolishing maces to boot. What can I say, this is a great figure! The Flesh Golem was a rare figure available in limited supply through the Rackham Legends range during the final days of Rackham. Currently, the Flesh Golem is in limited run, so get yours before it’s gone, again!

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Since the figure is now in new packaging, let’s start with the packaging and work our way in. The packaging is covered with shrink wrap and is made of brown card board stock. There Is a laminated sticker on the front with the Legacy Miniatures logo. The name of the figure with its item number LM002, and a sketch of the Flesh Golem and the web address for Legacy are surrounded by a boarder of an abstract sea of red minis. Here is some interesting info for those who followed the demise of Rackham and the afterwards dealings. The language “Copyright CYANIDE: all reproduction or duplication is strictly forbidden” and “Legacy Miniatures is a property of Dust Game Ltd” is stated. There is Lots of information at the bottom of the sticker not to be ignored. At the bottom of the sticker, in another abstract sea of red minis is the usual choking hazard warning label, not for children containing small parts label and a label for Ages 14+. Then there is a CYANIDE label and the description to the address for Dust Game Ltd in China and the Made in China label with the Distributed exclusively by Cool Mini or Not label. As you open the box, the inside of the packaging contains a pull out plastic clam shell surrounding the Flesh Golem components with individual spots for the larger parts for minimal ware. Who wants to spend a chunk of change to find out the components are all abraded and cracked from the packaging as seen by other manufactures.


The sculpt from the original Rackham Legends line is superb and the new release cast in high quality resin from Legacy Miniatures complements it well and is exceptionally well made. The details from the sculpt is highly visible through the resin used and by the new molds produced by Legacy Miniatures. Having collected and painted Confrontation miniatures before, I can see that this figure was sculpted to a high standard compared to previous metal confrontation figures. The golem is cast in high quality grey resin with a nice glossy patina and each individual component is cast in its own vacuum form cavities, which pronounces all the details sharp and crisp. There were no mold flash, and each component has its mold channels at posts and connection points to snip away for minor effort. The golem is 32 mm scale and stands 7.6 cm from feet to head and almost 10 cm when assembled with its mace swinging in the air.


The molding of the figure is well done. The figure I received only had a slight mold line at the waist.


There are plenty of accessory parts for customization of your figure. The new release has four variant heads, for lack of better terms they will be described as a Mid Nor face with tentacles, an Acheron Skull face, a plain style golem face, and a golem face with nostril slits, instead of the initial release with only three heads.


There are two upper back accessories, a pair of horns or a pair of tentacles, two chest plate accessories with a puppet and a skull variation, a pair of knee guards, a sinister looking sprite for the back, and an upper jaw for the Mid Nor face!


There is no base available with the golem, but a majority of hobbyist will customize their basing for this creature. The figure is available with Confrontation 3.5 cards with unique abilities for those itching for a massive beastie for their Acheron, Devourers, Dirz, Drunes, Mid Nor, and Ophidian armies.


Quality: 9.75 Wonderfully sculpted and cast to a high standard.

Assembly: 9.75 There are twenty one components that fit very well during dry mounting. Heads could be switched at easy if needed to, so why couldn’t all models be like this!

Value for money: 9 It is not cheap! Taken that the Flesh Golem is a limited run and better quality than most, the price is more reasonable towards other models in that same size range.

Overall: 9.5 This is a fresh start at a high caliber! The Flesh Golem by Legacy Miniatures is a marvelously well-made miniature for one of the first releases for the new confrontation line. The attention to detail in the sculpt and the quality of the casting and molding for this figure will set the bar for future release by Legacy Miniatures that all Confrontation enthusiast will be looking forward too.

So the rumors are true and Confrontation is back!

14-08-2011, 07:09 PM
Great review, thanks alot!

17-08-2011, 06:41 PM
Good review. I just have to say, they are the wrong cards. I have contacted CMON to let them know. If you contact them they will send you the correct ones. Alternatively I can email them to you and you can print them out.

20-08-2011, 02:23 AM
not sure how I missed this, but thanks for the review LOBO.

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thank you for this

08-09-2011, 11:04 AM
Good review LOBO, very thorough. Many thanks.

14-09-2011, 09:54 AM
Nice to see confronatation minis back from the dead....