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Terrain tight wad
02-06-2011, 01:48 PM
Just thought I'd post that review of MM's basic sculpting tutorial.

Having looked around the internet at a number of “How to” videos on sculpting I decided to take the plunge and buy miniature mentor's “Basic sculpting” tutorial. Priced at $15 U.S. (current exchange rate just over £9). Buying this as a download, via WAMP's link, was really easy and even with my poor transfer speeds quite quick, Taking only 1 hour to download.

Once the file was downloaded and unzipped it was time to get stuck in. The Video is divided into three sections, an introduction (15mins), The sword (47mins) and the shield (42mins). This is about 20 minuets short of the approx 2 hours stated so not too bad there. The description given on the site is brief and accurate, although some may find the image used to promote it a little misleading. One last point before we look at the videos properly. MM do advise you to view their videos using either Quicktime or VLC. Having a pathological hatered of Quicktime and never having used VLC I tried running it on Realplayer and Mediaplayer both worked but were very jumpy. Quicktime was smooth and clear I would recommend using it (we make these mistakes so you don't have to).

So on to the videos. The first is an introduction and interview with the sculptor, don't skip this part. As well as looking at Christophe Letellier's experience,and thought process, they give a comprehensive overview of the tools and materials that will be used in the other parts of the tutorials. There are some really useful tips in here. The photography in this section could be better and the sound is a little hinky (But that may have been my pc).

The second and third videos take you through how Christophe makes a sword and shield. Each is a start to finish process with the only abbreviation being cuts of drying time and where, for example the sculpting of the sword is only done on one side. As the commentator says “the process for the other side is the same”.The step by step approach keeps things simple and give you that “hey, I could do that!” feeling. The filming is clear throughout and the commentary, while a little repetitive at times is accurate and expands well when needed. The only point I would make is that Christophe's knife handling looks a bit risky at times and if this was purchsed for a “younger viewer” I would recommend adult supervision.

To break this down then.

Product. 9/10
Download is easy and quick.

Content 9.5/10
It does what it says on the box (if it had a box)
Some great well presented information. Well pitched for the begginer.

Value. 9.5/10
At this price I think this is a great product, I bought the complete guide to miniature painting at the same time and both tutorials have left me wanting more.
As has been mentioned in other reviews, the subscription route is significantly better value but I don't think anyone will be complaining at this price point.

Overall 9.3

Will this tutorial turn you into a professional sculptor? Of course not, what it will do is give you a starting point for some gentle conversion, improve your basing and throw on spadefuls of confidence.

Captain Sprout
02-06-2011, 06:13 PM
Nice review TTW I agree with you, its a really good video to encourage the modeller to step into some nice first conversions.

02-06-2011, 06:52 PM
The review is spot on Jon! Everything a review should be.:smile:

03-06-2011, 07:32 PM
Great review...have yet to watch the sculpting videos, not my cup of tea, much prefer painting, but I need to to improve my greenstuff skills. Thanks again!