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I hit a jackpot on last nights google-fu NB not all links work!!

Arpad Hungarian Miniatures (http://arpad.bizland.com/arpadhungarianminiatures/), UK importer of Hungarian and German figures: wide range of periods, resin and metal, mainly 1/35 but includes other scales
Asset Miniatures (http://www.assetminiatures.co.uk/), UK: manufacturer of 54mm metal figures of the armed services from 1900 to present, plus ceremonial, police and civilian figures
Border Miniatures (http://www.borderminiatures.com/), UK: White metal kits, 70/80mm scale, mainly medieval foot and mounted
W Britains (http://www.wbritains.com/), UK: Full range of modern W Britains figures for sale online, plus news and features on new ranges
Ray Brown Design (http://www.raybrowndesign.com/), UK: Military and historical figures, various scales, in cold cure bronze, pewter and resin
Clydecast Products (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tompark/), UK: White metal kits in 75mm to 110mm scale, coving a wide range of periods from ancient to modern
Cromwell Models (http://www.xs4all.nl/~cromwell/), UK: Figures and vehicles, 1/76, 1/35 and 200mm
Peter Dale (http://homepages.tesco.net/~peter.dale/soldiers.htm), UK: Old and new figures, both metal and plastic, for sale. Manufacturers include Britains, King and Country, Mulberry, Icon, Timpo, Toyway, and others
Diecast Direct (http://www.diecastdirect.co.uk/), UK: Site for Elite Command diecast white metal 54mm figures, themes cover Romans, Napoleonic, American Civil War and World War Two
Dorset Soldiers (http://www.dorsetsoldiers.com/), UK: Extensive ranges of toy soldier style figures
Drum and Flag (http://www.drumandflag.com/), UK: Specialises in plastic figures and kits, partworks (eg Del Prado) and accessories. Trades through Ebay.
Edwardian Miniatures (http://www.edmin.co.uk/), UK: Traditional style 54mm toy soldiers covering 1914, the Zulu War and the Indian Army
El Greco Miniatures (http://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/), UK: Online retailer, mainly 54mm metal figures but also tools and materials. Includes numerous ranges from fifferent manufacturers
F and S Scale Models (http://www.fandsscalemodels.co.uk/), UK: Retailer of a wide range of models and kits, including military figures in diecast, resin, metal and plastic kits, military vehicles, etc
GBE Toy Soldiers (http://www.gbetoysoldiers.co.uk/), UK: Traditional style 54mm toy soldiers mainly covering the period 1890-1914, plus toy soldier restoration services
Harfields Military Figure Specialists (http://www.harfields.com/), UK: Retailer of plastic figures in 1/32 and 1/72 scales from various manufacturers
Henley Model Miniatures (http://www.toysoldier.co.uk/intro2.html), UK: Mail order supplier of 54mm soldiers, civilians, vehicles, aircarft and scenic items from many UK manufacturers
Historex Agents (http://www.historex-agents.demon.co.uk/), UK: Suppliers of figures from a large number of different manufacturers, including Histores, Andrea, Verlinden, Elite, Hecker and Goros, Pegaso, Amati, Post Militaire, Hornet, and many others
Jager Miniatures (http://www.jager.co.uk/), UK: 1/35 resin figures, mainly World War Two but now including some other modern subjects
William King (http://www.williamking.com/), UK: Range of Napoleonic toy soldiers
Kool Collectables (http://www.koolcollectables.com/), UK: Retailers of 1/12th scale Dragon and 21st Century figures, plus Elite Command, Elite Force, GI Joe, etc.
Maison Militaire (http://www.maisonmilitaire.com/), UK: Traditional toy-style, connoisseur, and plastic model figures and accessories
Marlborough Military Models (http://www.marlboroughtoysoldiers.com/), UK: 54mm toy soldiers of British Empire subjects
Matador Models (http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/), UK: Mainly military vehicles in scales 1/48, 1/72, 1/76 and 1/144, plus some figures
MKL Models (http://home.btconnect.com/MKLMODELS/), UK: Retailer of a wide range of metal toy soldiers from various manufacturers
ModelFigure (http://www.modelfigure.com/), UK: On-line store for a wide range of model figure manufacturers, site includes reviews and features
Stephen Naegel (http://www.btinternet.com/~naegel), UK: Toy soldier trader, specialises in Britains but deals in many different makes
Net Model Shop (http://www.netmodelshop.com/), UK: On-line retailer of plastic kits of figures, military vehicles, aircraft, ships and accessories
Newbury Toys (http://www.toysoldiers.org/), UK: Retailer of Wm Britain and King and Country metal toy soldiers
North Star Figures (http://www.northstarfigures.com/), UK: Pewter figures in 1/48th scale of World War Two subjects
Old Toy Shop (http://www.theoldtoyshop.com/historic_figures.htm), UK: Retailer of collectable old toys, including Britains soldiers and similar, plus vehicles such as Dinky, Corgi, etc.
Parade Figures (http://www.modelspot.com/system/index.htm), UK: Manufacturer of 54mm metal figures, mainly of Russian subjects sculpted in Russia, including streltsi, army of Peter the Great, Napoleonics, etc
Plastic Toy Soldiers (http://www.die-cast-toys.com/plastic-soldiers/index-ps.html), UK: Trader who specialises in supplying deleted as well as new plastic toy soldiers
Premier Model Collection (http://www.premier-sratoysoldiers.com/), UK: 1:32 scale metal figures, guns and vehicles of the World War One period, both full dress and combat uniforms, designed by Charles Biggs
Debra Raymond (http://www.militaryfigures.co.uk/), UK: 100mm Napoleonic British Army figures and a range of contemporary Guards, all sculpted by David Grieve. Also offers a professional figure painting service
Rosedale Figurines (http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/rosedalefigures/), UK: 54mm metal models covering a wide range of periods and subjects, plus toy soldiers (mainly medieval)
Soldier Pac (http://www.soldierpac.com/), UK: Manufacturer of Britains-type toy soldiers, castings and spares. Also has the Phoenix 54mm ranges, plus 75mm military figures and G-gauge railway figures
Steadfast (http://www.steadfastsoldiers.co.uk/), UK: Manufacturers of 54mm models in the "old toy" style
The Toy Collector (http://www.thetoycollector.co.uk/), UK: Retailer of figures by Wm Britain, Charles Biggs and King and Country
The Model Soldier (http://www.themodelsoldier.co.uk/), UK: Modelling and painting service for collectors from John Hartas
Toycellars (http://www.toycellars.com/), UK: Trader in old metal collectable toys, including Britains and other toy soldiers, plus Dinky, Minic, etc.
Toyseekers (P & B Merrall) (http://www.toyseekers.demon.co.uk/welcome.html), UK: Dealers in collectable toys, including large range of toy soldiers, vehicles, etc.
Tradition of London (http://www.traditionoflondon.com/), UK: Manufacturer of collectable military figures, established for over 50 years, with a range of over 1500 model figures
Trophy Miniatures Wales Ltd (http://www.btinternet.com/~trophy-swec), UK: Toy soldiers
Unique Collections (http://www.uniquecollections.co.uk/), UK: Toy Soldiers by Britains (both old and new) and the Premier Model Collection, plus other collectable metal toys
Whittlesey Miniatures (http://whittleseyminiatures.co.uk/), UK: 54mm painted figures of medieval knights
Wiremill (http://members.tripod.com/Wiremill), UK: Large range of wooden bases for model figures
Wonderland Models (http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/), UK: Toy and hobby retailer based in Edinburgh. Includes figures and wide range of other models

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American list again not all links work

ACW Toy Soldiers (http://www.acwtoysoldiers.com/), USA: Retailer of figures for the American Civil War, ranges include Edmunds Traditional Toy Soldiers, Mike Allen Miniatures (ACW personalities) and Red Coat Miniatures
Alsand Merchandise Co (http://www.alsandmdseco.com/), USA: Toy soldier retailer, ranges include Wm Britain, King and Country, Tommy Atkins, JG Miniatures, and many others
Arquebus (http://www.arquebus.com/), USA: A webshop selling mostly British made toy soldiers, including Mulberry, Bastion, Whittlesey, etc.
Battlezone Miniatures (http://www.btinternet.com/~model.soldiers/www.battlezone-miniatures.com), USA: Producer 54mm metal toy soldiers and stockist of other manufacturers' ranges
Carolina Miniatures (http://www.cottage-industries.com/), USA: 54mm metal figures of the American Civil War
Cottage Industries (http://www.cottage-industries.com/), USA: Specialist American Civil War trader, figures by Imrie-Risley, Shenandoah and Michael Roberts, plus ships by the Old Steam Navy
Dave's Trains (http://www.davestrains.com/soldiers.html), USA: As well as railway models, has a section for model soldiers made in Russia, both in toy and connoisseur styles
DP Toy Soldiers (http://www.dhvcom.com/SmallArmies), USA: 54mm toy soldiers of various periods. Also the DP Miniature Warriors (http://www.dhvcom.com/GM) site, for 65mm figures of ancients and samurai
Drum Corps Miniatures (http://www.drumcorpsminis.com/), USA: Painted 54mm figures of modern day competitive US drum corps
Dutkins Collectables (http://www.dutkins.com/), USA: Toys from various manufacturers, model figure kits, and "Lil Army" moulds
Elite Regiment (http://www.eliteregiment.com/), USA: Model figures imported from Russia, includes figures from ANT and D&A, periods include medieval, Napoleonic, and the World Wars
James Finn Miniatures (http://jamesfinnminiatures.theshoppe.com/), USA: Selected flat figures, both painted and unpainted
Fox Soldiers (http://www.foxsoldiers.com/), USA: On-line store for a variety of toy soldier manufacturers covering a wide range of periods
Sam Garcia (http://miniaturesbygarcia.50megs.com/), USA: Professional modeller offers his work for sale, mainly World War Two, Napoleonics and American Civil War. Commissions accepted.
Hallen Display Cases (http://www.hallendisplaycases.com/), USA: Wooden display cases, built to order
Heritage Toy Figures (http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/htf/), USA: Plastic toy soldiers, the Alamo, World War One, Medieval, etc.
Wm Hocker (http://wmhocker.com/index.htm): Toy soldiers in Britains style
King and Country (http://www.kingandcountry.com/home.html): Toy soldiers, ranges include Arnhem, Vietnam, The Silk Road, plus Dickens characters, and many others
Kings X (http://www.kingsx.com/), USA: Models from various toy soldier manufacturers, plus an exclusive range of Alamo figures
London Bridge Collector's Toys (http://www.londonbridgetoys.com/), USA: Britains figures (modern and reproduction), Imperial figures, paints, etc
Megahobby (http://www.megahobby.com/), USA: Retailer of plastic kits of all subjects, includes a military section
Michigan Toy Soldier Co. (http://www.michtoy.com/), USA: Retailers of a wide variety of ranges of toy soldiers and historical miniatures
Military Miniatures Warehoue (http://www.milminwh.com/), USA: Metal and resin figures, various scales from a variety of manufacturers, specialising in American Civil War and pre-20th century American subjects
Nickolson Miniatures (http://nickolson-toy-soldiers.com/), USA: Painted toy soldiers of World War Two and Victorian subjects
Nobtons (http://www.nobtons.com/), USA: Large scale (170mm) resin figures, modern subjects (eg NATO forces) and World War Two
Northcoast Miniatures (http://www.54mmtoysoldier.com/info/), USA: manufacturer of metal 54mm toy soldiers, civilian figures, wagons and cannons
Old Toy Soldier Home (http://www.oldtoysoldierhome.com/), USA: Retail store selling figures from many firms including old Britains, Mignot and Heyde, plus many modern toy figures
Sagers Soldiers and Miniatures (http://www.toysoldiersusa.com/), USA: Retailer of the King and Country range of figures
The Scale Card (http://www.thescalecard.com/index.html), USA: Scale cards from 1:12 to 1:700, including proportional figures
Sierra Toy Soldier Company (http://www.sierratoysoldier.com/), USA: Retailer of figures from various manufacturers
Small Regiments (http://smallregiments.com/), USA: Retailer of the King and Country toy soldiers, plus military chess sets and other items
Stockade Miniatures (http://www.stockade-miniatures.com/), USA: "Soldiers of the World" figures, plus metal and plastic figures from a variety of manufacturers
Tin Soldier Factory (http://www.odyssey.on.ca/~pinehill/factory), USA: Toy soldier kits, mainly British and French, including Victorians, Napoleonics, etc
The Toy Soldier (http://www.the-toy-soldier.com/index.html), USA: 54mm figures from 20 different manufacturers, plus other military collectables
The Toy Soldier and Old Tin Soldier Shoppe (http://www.btinternet.com/~model.soldiers/www.oldtinsoldiershoppe.com), USA: specializes in old Pre-War Wm. Britains, Lucotte, Heyde, tin plate toys, etc
The Toy Soldier Company (http://www.toysoldierco.com/), USA: Toy soldiers in plastic and metal from many leading manufacturers, plus paints, uniform guides and books
Toy Soldier HQ (http://www.angelfire.com/biz/toysoldierhq/index.html), USA: Trader for plastic figures in 1/72 and 1/32 scales, carries all major manufacturers
Tradewind Direct (http://www.tradewinddirect.com/), USA: comprehensive pictorial catalogue of the King and Country range
Tradition (http://flintlockroom.com/ToySoldiers/tradition1.htm), USA: Toy soldiers
Treefrog Treasures (http://www.treefrogtreasures.com/), USA: Retailers of the complete range of Britains figures
Troiani Historical Ministures (http://www.thmsoldiers.com/), USA: Manufacturers of model figures based on the paintings of Don Troiani
United Empire Miniatures (http://www.mindspring.com/~unitedempire/), USA: 120mm resin model figures, 200 and 250mm busts, and 1/16 scale resin ordnance kits
White Knight Miniatures (http://members.spree.com/whitenigh49/PEWTER/MainPage.htm), USA: Wargame figures, including Minifigs from Gaming Figures Inc

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Alpha Image Model Workshop (http://www.alphaimagemodelworkshop.com/), Canada: Manufacturer of resin figures in 1/9 and 120mm scales
Bill the Bandman (http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7697/index.html), Canada: Toy soldier bands
Britains Showcase (http://mywebpage.netscape.com/britainsshowcase), Canada: CD software of images and details of every set and figure produced by Britains
Canadian Toy Soldier Company (http://www.toy-soldiers.ca/), Canada: Retailers of model soldiers from various leading international manufacturers
Maitland Toy Soldier Shoppe (http://www.toysoldiers.com/), Canada: Retailers of various toy soldiers, including Britains, Tradition, Conte, Charles Biggs, King and Country, Frontline and Spirit of the Empire
TinBay (http://tinbay.com/), Canada: Producer of 54mm painted figures of Napoleonics, Samurais, Ninja, Knights and Old Romans.
Toy Soldiers Club (http://www.toysoldiersclub.com/), Canada: Wide selection of toy soldiers and historical miniatures.


The Military Workshop (http://www.bu.aust.com/milwkshop/), Australia. 120-200mm resin kits, mainly of World War Two and modern subjects
3D Art (http://www.3-d-art.com.au/), Australia: Original sculptures and castings by Steve Lennon and Phil Walden
Shenandoah Miniatures (http://www.shenandoahmin.com/), Australia: 54mm metal figures of the American Civil War, unpainted kits or painted figures


1st Guards (http://www.1st-guards.com/), Russia: 54, 75, 90 and 120mm figure kits of various subjects
999-S (http://www.999-s.com/), Russia: 120mm resin figure kits of various subjects
Ant Miniatures (http://www.minisoldat.by.ru/), Russia: Resin kits in 54mm and 120mm of Russian subjects from ancient times to the present day. Site in Russian and English
Elen Models (http://www.elenmodels.com/), Russia: 54mm figures of ancients, medievals, Napoleonics and Russian subjects, both painted and unpainted
L'Ermitage (http://members.xoom.com/toy_soldiers), Russia: Tin miniatures from St Petersburg, ancients, medieval, US Civil War, and others
Vladimir Nuzhdin (http://nuzhdin-v.euro.ru/), Russia: Artist, engraver and manufacturer of flat figure. Note: Russian site, requires pan-European text support plug-in to view.
Russian Vityaz (http://www.russianvityaz.ru/), Russia: Collective of painters and sculptors from St Petersburg, offering high quality, painted connoisseur figures for sale, or commissions accepted

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