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13-05-2010, 06:05 PM
I'm not an official WAMP reviewer, but I'll throw this one out rengade Burt Reynolds style!

Volgar Warrior
Dwarf Tales

I saw this mini first in a preview of upcoming releases on Chest of Colours. I love it! Dwarf Tales has their own universe this mini is to be set in but to me it screamed of a Games Workshop style Chaos Dwarf trolling the mountains killing Dwarf Slayers to appease his god. I just love the bonkers helmet, the crazy eye thingies... everything. So I had to pick it up. The Dwarf Tales online shop lists him at 7 euro, which in todays exchange rate translates to a little less than 9$ US. Shipping to my door in scenic Canada from the Dwarf Tales site was 12$. I opted to order one from my LGS and the price to my hand from them was 15$. For my purposes the cost of shipping gets glossed over too much. So for 15$ I got the mini. Here's what I got...


The casting quality was good. There were mold lines, no more than you'd expect. Also of note to me was the fact that the the three piece mini (body, both hands seperate) had such large mating pins on the mini that fit so well I decided not to pin this mini. It's been a long time since I felt comfortable doing that but they were really a good fit.


Quality- 7.5

The assembly of this mini was really painless. The mold lines were easy to remove, and as mentioned the great fit and mating pins on the hands made assembly easy and relatively effortless. The only thing I would mention in caution is that some of the mold lines could be mistaken for scar tissue on the mini around the shoulders. At least I missed one. I went back after I primed it to remove it.

Assembly- 8.5

The value of this mini to me was a no brainer. I have not seen a sculpt that looks like this before. Ever. While it made me think of a Games Workshop setting I can say I have never seen a mini even close to this in the GW range. I liked the imagery of the mini, the quality was very high, and it was a breeeze to assemble. The price tag was fair to me, but some may not like spending 15$ to get the mini in their hand. Of course, as mentioned the price of the mini itself is less than 9$, but unless you can find somewhere that ships on the cheap it's gonna take more than that to bring baby home.

Value- 8.


I love this mini. It was fun to paint, and more than that I had an image of exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I saw the mini. There's a lot of nice mini's out there, and I think most of us are guilty of buying a mini but not sure if we'll ever paint it. This one really screamed at me to paint it, and I love that! The highest compliment I can pay a mini is that I would buy and paint it again, and I would certainly do that with this mini. I plan on checking out more of the Dwarf Tales range soon. They have some interesting looking tribal Orcs I'd like to get my hands on.

Overall I give this mini about an 8.5

And painted....