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13-05-2010, 08:16 AM
Well I had a great day for minis! lol. two packages full of hotness- Studio McVey and Red Box Games. Now let me say I may be a bit bias here as I consider Tre a local WAMP favorite and as guy I've Pm'ed a couple times, I just like the guy and his sculpting style. He supported the Little Angels and is sponsoring a WAMP special later this year that I know most of us are looking forward to!

I'll just review all these as a bunch. And they very well not be new releases as advertised.

The style is great with elegantly multifolded robes, great fur for loincloths and boots. Great fantasy porportions and clean, incredible scultps head to toe. Cast in metal there are some minor cast tide marks and minor mold lines, but nothing that should be much more than a quick once or twice over with your favorite cleaning tool. Pretty consistant 28mm scale.
Quality: 9



Now these were all one piece models... so "Assembly" on this is what I'd have to say: a good pose without me having to pin anything? /win. Looking at the pic, the girls all sort of have the right handed staff thing going on, but all three have much differnt body language so unles they are next to each other I doubt youd otice as much. Other than that, the staffs are sort of thin and you may have to straight them out a bit once you are ready to prime. I will also consider the Hoardsman pack a painted recently- that is all sorts of multi piece options: Very easy fitted, lots of pins but clean pretty damn clean fitting ang got em together nicely:
Assembly: 9

The price on these minis isn't that bad at all. Quite good IMO. The Hoardsman was a 3 pack that worked out to $6 ea and the four above are $8.99 ea. To me, those prices are fair and well earned. As a hooked junkie I'd love to see a buy 10 get one free type fo thing, but now I'm just begging...
Value 9.5

This one's for you Red Box Games!! :rockon: Keep em coming, I love the "new school, classicy fantasy feel" to them, I can't wait to paint them and get more. Considering what a WAMP guy you are and all....I could easily go overall 10, but I wouldn't want you to stop trying ;) so:
Overall 9.5

If you read this you should buy some and paint them :)

CMON sells them as well

13-05-2010, 09:30 AM
I too am a big red box fan. Love the stuff, and I have a good number of the range in my hands now. Really agree with all your points Pete. For my vote, some of the most fun mini's to paint on the market today!

14-05-2010, 04:03 PM
Many thanks Pete! Sorry I missed this one. I thought I had replied the other day, but obviously had not yet.

I have been meanign to get some new input on the design side of RBG just so that every model does not look the same as the last....which I think may be becoming a problem that needs to be corrected. Hence the staff int he right hand thing. Habit.

I try to keep the figures in a single piece whenever possible, as I personally dislike th eidea of assembly, but sometimes it is a neccessity. When it is, I will be sure to pay closer attention to how the parts are fitted together.

Thansk fro the in depth review pete! Lookign forward to seeign what you do with these! :D