View Full Version : Stormtroopers LTD Britsh Para Officer, Arnhem 1944 (120mm resin kit)

10-04-2010, 03:40 PM
I ordered this figure over the internet via El Greco
but the company has its own website www.stormtroopers.co.uk (http://www.stormtroopers.co.uk) which is being reworked ATM
The figure comes in a nice big box with a photo of the assembled figure on the front, inside the parts are well packed in "quavers" there are 8 parts the torso and legs forming the largest piece. The hands/head/arms are seperate and along with a holster and binoculars are kept in a bag so as not to be lost in the box. He wears the full Denison Smock but is in his beret with a pistol in one hand and a potato masher tucked in his belt his pose is one of stealthy action, I imagine him creeping around the ruins of Arnhem

When removed from the box the first impression is of fantastic detail, everywhere you look is sharp clean details. As with most resin kits there are a few air pockets unfortunatly one is on the end of his nose but will fill easily, I spied a few mould lines but even I can clean these on a resin kit (remember alway wear a mask when sanding/fileing resin)
The smaller parts have resin plugs to be removed and filed down but show no other sign of air pockets.

Also in the box is a handy letter from the scuplter with a painting guide and a list of references for you to follow (I will copy the painting guide into Warlord WIP thread for anyone lost as to the colours of the Paras)
At 34 this figure will not be to everyones taste but I have a new found love of these larger scale figures and the cost is not too much for such a fine detailed model. I will create a WIP thread when I get round to building the figure and you can follow my progress on that.
This is my first review so if there is more information that you would like to see let me know for the next time cheers for sticking with me.
Peace James (exilesjjb)

Exiles say sorry to any english lovers for any poor spelling but I always prefered math to english.

In Chigh
10-04-2010, 06:08 PM
Looks excellent, really tempting me to get into this larger scale stuff

10-04-2010, 06:14 PM
good review James