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Matt Adlard
25-05-2015, 02:08 PM
Personal Review of the Foundry Paints

Ok these paints are very much ones favourite choice of go to when painting, and how they are laid out makes them very useful.
Basically the Foundry painting method uses three shades of each colour: building up in layers from dark to light to easily achieve a realistic three dimensional shaded effect without the need for blending. Great for the beginner or those short on time, however when washes or glazes are added (As they do not offer these apart from one pack of Glaze, one uses other brands for this) one can work some up very good looking work.
The three layers of colour offer a quick way to work depth and highlights to the painting without having the problem of trying to mix up new colours on the fly, this saves time and one feels gives a real depth and subtlety to the painting and saves time.
However the key attraction apart from the massive range, is also the designated range of skin tones that seem to be lacking with some companies. They provide skin tones for South American Flesh , Native American Flesh, Dark African Flesh , Oriental Flesh, Near Eastern Flesh, North African Flesh, Mediterranean Flesh, African Flesh, two types of Caucasian skin. When washed also offer a big range of variation which is nice with armies.

Have also found that they work well with other ranges, and this is something that is often missed or undervalued when it comes to painting figures.

To quote Foundry 'You will be able to start painting in the Foundry style straight away.' This is very much the Established Kev Dallimore style envisaged by the painted Miniatures With a little care you will soon be producing very fine, high quality models that would grace anyones model soldier collection. We have arranged the colours in sets of three; each set provides a main colour, partnered with the shade and highlight colours that we would choose to use ourselves.

PDF of Colours - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3zmQ6SwYdyJcHV3MXhRQV9QcUU/view?usp=sharing

Each main colour is teamed up with a ready mixed highlight and shading tone, whichmeans you won’t have to spend lots of time mixing paints, you won’t be wasting any paint, and you can be sure the colours will be consistent. There’s a huge range of colours in big 20ml pots, which are quick drying and intermixable with other manufacturers’ acrylic paint. I use them all the time and can’t recommend them enough.

Kevin Dallimore

PDF's of paint ranges.