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19-02-2014, 08:56 AM
This is the voting thread for the Confrontation challenge between Vegascat and S_Dalsgaard.

Please give a single mark out of 10 covering all aspects of the mini. Comments and critique are really appreciated, it helps us to know why you vote the way you do. We'll wrap it up in a week's time.

Kolghor by S_Dalsgaard

Cadw, Minotaur Maid by Vegascat

19-02-2014, 02:24 PM
Thanks to S_Dalsgaard for setting up the voting thread! Get out the vote!

20-02-2014, 09:39 AM
Dalsgaard - 9/10
A great model, and painted realy well. I Really love the skin textures, and the layering looks quite smooth troughout. The small colour accents (the red markings on the stones, the pants/pouches and the blue frog) really help bring in some interest. Some other areas could have benefitted from some more tonality, though. The cloak is still a little bland (very light coloured glazes to bring in some differentiation in the shadows or something like that could have helped), and the fur on his hood (around the face) could have used some more definition, as it blends into the rest of the hood a little right now, and doesn't really frame the face as neatly as it could.
I really love the technique on the metal shoulderpad, and in itself it looks brilliant, but I think the colours of metal and oxidation are too close to the leathers and the skin colour respectively. Bringing in a little more reds in the metals (closer to the pants rather than the cloak) and blue in the oxidation (framing the face between the verdigris and the frog) could have worked, I think. Oh, and his teeth still aren't dirty enough. :tongue:
All in all, a great model, and I just hope some remarks can push you to even better on the next models. It really looks like you had a lot of fun painting this, and the results are there. :smile:

Vegascat - 7.5/10
A great model as well; I'd love to paint this. As I said earlier, some of the highlighting is a little hard to evaluate due to the shine on the pictures. That said, the blue clothes work with the cream fur. The metals look nicely tarnished, and I really like the leathers and hooves/horns. I think the model on a whole would have improved a lot with one more layer of highlighting, giving especially the face, but the other areas as well some more definition. I'm also not entirely sure of the pink pouch; it sits rather weirdly on the blue, colour-wise. While your basing is more complex than Dalsgaard's, do watch the tidyness there. Things like the brown paint on the edges really make it look a little messy, which really pulls down the quality of your whole model.

Really nice work, both. This is a great competition, and if I'd allow myself to buy any more models before doing more painting, your work certainly would have inspired me to look into this range. :smile:

20-02-2014, 09:53 AM
Thanks for the thorough evaluation Jona. It really helps in finding areas to improve (and not be to lazy to do it right). I agree on all your points on Kolghor.

20-02-2014, 02:11 PM
ok heres my two penneth:

Dalsgaard 8/10

Very nice work, the muted paletter works well and suits the mini. I think what is stopping this scoring higher is the cloth areas. they feel very flat and pushing the highlights more would up the contrast and make them more interesting. The Ork flesh is spot on for me, its the colour scheme I like to use so kudos! Not keen on the large rock on the base. i would also like to see some brighter eyes to create a nice focal point, t the moment this is a little lacking.
Overall a very nice piece

Vegascat 7/10
Another nice piece but I think the camera is not helping you in this instance. The blue is a bold colour choice and I like it, I would perhaps have gone for gold buttons on the quilting though to create interest. Again decent colour choices. the horns perhaps could go to almost black at the base to make them more interesting. I would go with a different shading on the cow skin, the yellow brown isnt working there for me, a more blue brown I think would be better
The base feels rushed. Did you use pigments? they seem to have smeared over the base edge. I always make sure the edge is cleanly painted once the base is done. its a small thing but creates a sense of neatness and framing.
The meat cleaver looks great

Well done guys. I hope that doesnt seem overly harsh, my critique is purely to help. I like both pieces so keep them coming

20-02-2014, 02:24 PM
Not to harsh at all Darklord (at least for my taste). Not only does this kind of critique help us become better painters, but it also help in learning to see the minis in new ways. I'm not particularly good at looking much beyond clean highlights and shades yet and when I paint something where the colours/tones fit together overall, it is more often happenstance than intentional. Thanks for your input.

20-02-2014, 03:06 PM
your welcome mate.
Painting is like onions (or ogres) its all about layers. To start with you think its all about painting neat, then the next layer is getting things smoother. Then theres a colour choice layer, a basing layer. Everytime you thing you are nearing the end you find more things to learn. it can be dauntng but its fun.

I think though the most imprtant tool in improving your painting is self critique. if you can finish something then disect it and learn from it then your going to learn faster

20-02-2014, 03:38 PM
Jona & DL, thanks for the helpful critiques! Nah, DL, not harsh at all. I definitely rushed the base and didn't do what I wanted to with it. The browns are drybrushed on and I didnt make time to paint black back over the edge of the base, which irks me everytime I look at the picture or the model sitting on my painting/computer desk. I hadn't even thought about hitting the metal on the cloth armor with brass or gold, which would have looked much better and not gotten lost in the blue of the cloth. The fur/skin was an experiment in trying to paint textured fur, which I think turned out well, but if I'd not been painting this for a ladder challenge I would have definitely gone with either a black and white or brown cow fur color. I'm planning on going back over the model this weekend and cleaning up the base, fixing the pink parts, and I think I'll add black to the base of the horns as you suggest. I've intentionally kept my painting desk clear so that I don't get distracted and finish it up.

DL, you're right, I've only been here since 2011 and its been a daunting, but fun time learning and painting. I think I've gotten a little better, but I've definitely learned a lot. Unfortunately, I'm more of a hands on kind of learner, which is why I think I progress so slowly and backslide a lot when I get in a hurry or frustrated.

Moar Votes! Moar critiques! Please!

20-02-2014, 03:47 PM
we are all hands on learners mate. you can read hundreds of articles on blending but its practice that accomplishes it. Could you imagine doing a driving test based purely on tutorials without anytime actually driving a car beforehand?

20-02-2014, 04:13 PM
Well done both!!

Dalsgaard - 9
Great skin and I like the palette and leather. The armor should contrast more, agree with Jona here. I would have liked to see some spot colors to create more contrast and interest. The frog could be a candidate, but is a bit too muted to stand out. His color should then be picked up a couple of other places to tie them together. I think the frog could have been a bright warm red and you could then have made the runes on the stones a brighter red as well. Would contrast well with the cold green skin.

Vegas - 7
Extremely cool model with a bold scheme that works quite well for me. The axe and metal is very nice! This is a model I would have liked to paint.
It seems in general that you have been a bit heavy on the washes, creating too much sheen. This should be dulled down to make the model less stark. You should also smooth out some of the 'tidemarks' coming from the washes. I also think getting in some yellow or bright gold contrasting details would benefit the overall impression. And DL is right about the base, you should lose a point just for not tidying up the rim of the base ;) The grit on the base could also get a final drybrush of bone/ light khaki.

Overall a great challenge with some great models!!

20-02-2014, 04:16 PM
Thank you for the excellent feedback Endor.

26-02-2014, 09:10 AM
It has been a week so it is time to end this.

The final cumulative score is:
Vegascat - 21.5
S_Dalsgaard - 26

Thanks to all who took the time to vote and give their constructive criticism and thanks to Vegascat for challenging me.

26-02-2014, 09:38 AM
Congrats Dalsgaard, you were the slight winner in my eyes but was a close contest. Your both winners in my eyes :heart:

26-02-2014, 02:02 PM
Your both winners in my eyes :heart:

Man, now I'm all embarrassed and stuff. :grouphug:

S_Dalsgaard (http://www.wampforum.com/VB4/member.php?u=1933) - It really was my pleasure! Hopefully this will lead you to a string of victories. :) I really enjoyed painting the model and am currently cleaning up the base and making some slight changes and will post over at my WiP thread when I'm finished. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, it really helps me a lot.