View Full Version : The Wamp Awards 2013 - The Shortlists

08-01-2014, 01:00 PM

I have great pleasure in announcing the short-lists for the Wamp Awards 2013.

I would first like to thank everybody that took the time to nominate their favourites from this year. It has been a long and tough process trying to pick just a handful for each category, especially in the painted sections!

Even making it onto a short-list is a great achievement and our finalists should be proud of that achievement alone.

So without further ado here they are:

Best Product

Series 22 Brushes - Rosemary and Co
Grass Tufts - MiniNatur/Silfor
Scalecolor - Scale 75
Etched Brass - Pk-Pro
Scale Bricks - Juweela

Best Event

Monte San Savino

Best Blog

Massive Voodoo
Coloured Dust
Volomir's Blog

Best Community Contribution

Ian Geronimo/John Atter - Goblinaid
Michael bartels
Gohkm - Brushfire Appeal
Sally White
Ian Newbold

Best New Company

Aradia Miniatures
Painting Buddha
Fairytale Games
Galapagos Miniatures
Blacksmith Miniatures

Best Company

Hasslefree Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures
Guild of Harmony
Tartar Miniatures

Best Fantasy Sculpt

Cyanolith - Carmine Giugliano
Barbarian Dude - Emanuele Giovagnini
Himiko - Studio McVey (Yannick Hennebo)
40 Year Old Saviour - Kingdom Death (Yannick Hennebo)
Dragon Huntress - JoeK Minis (MIKH)

Best Sci-Fi Sculpt

Ferrus Manus - Forgeworld
Hush - Gigantic (Chris Clayton)
Eva and Ike - Ammon (Valentin Zak and Mateusz Gajos)
Judge Death - Dark World Creations
Sci-Fi Female Trooper - Hasslefree Miniatures (Kev White)

Best Historical Sculpt

Holmes and Watson - Scale 75 (Angel Terol)
Slavic Warrior - Pegaso (Richard Galicek)
General MacArthur - Life Miniatures
Duke of Vendome - Latorre Models (Angel Terol)
Aquila - Arena Rex (Sebastian Archer)

Best Steampunk Sculpt

Kitty Reimer - Scale75 (Joaquin Palacios)
Arielle - Guild of Harmony (Sebastian Archer)
Talullah Belle - Infamy Miniatures (Khurram Hamid Alavi)
Mary Poppets and Albert - Guild of Harmony (Sebastian Archer)
Jet Girl - Studio McVey (Jacques-Alexandre Gillois)

Best Painted Fantasy

Triumph of Jomart Bay - Kirill Kanaev
High Elf Dragonlord - Volomir
Beauty and the Beast - Chris Panagiotou
Fallen Angel - Chris Panagiotou
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Fabrizio Russo

Best Painted Sci-Fi

Giu's Robot Repairs - Raffaele Pica
Pentesilea - Angel Giraldez
Last Light - Roman Lappat
Dark Eldar Scourge - david Soper
Sgt Connor - Martin Goumaz

Best Painted steampunk

Kitty Reimer - Morsi
Einstein - Peter Bell
Time - Fesechko
Al Capone - Fabrizio Russo
Tallulah Belle - Javier González

Best Painted Historical

Courage - CrackPot
Never Surrender - MH Hwang
Hockey Goalie - David Powell
Dama Francesa, S XVIII - Pepa Saavedra
Burden of Sorrow - Rick Lawler

Voting will begin later and will include images and links to all the entries.