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15-03-2013, 04:34 PM
we still hope to see some of you finally :)

Contest is to be held on 19 October 2013 in the Dom Kultury (Community Centre) Rakowiec – 8 Wiślicka St., Warsaw, Poland. The main competition will most probably be accompanied by other events like painting and sculpting workshops, speed painting contest and the already famous after-party in the café located within the same building

Usually, entries are accepted between 10:00-13:00, with results officially announced at 18:00. Entrance fee for the whole day (main contest and accompanying events) was ~2.5€ in previous years.

The official site will be put up as soon as possible. The main prize in the last two editions of Hussar was a return ticket to Crystal Brush contest sponsored by CMON. But, there's usually a heap of other prizes to be won (not to mention Hussar statues)



1. Submissions:
1. Painter can submit any number of entries, though no more than 1 entry in any category.
2. Painters can submit their own works only. Team works or submitting works on behalf of other painters will not be accepted.
3. Compatibility with gaming rules is not required.
4. It is allowed to submit own sculpts and converted models. It is allowed to submit works comprising of models and products of different manufacturers. Models of different manufacturers may be combined to create a single submission.
5. Works which already took gold/silver/bronze in other competitions will not be accepted.
6. All entries are submitted at the submitter’s risk.
7. By submitting an entry painter confirms approval of the rules and certifies that submitted entries are his/her.

2. Disqualifications:
1. Submitting an entry breaching the rules will cause disqualification of all works of the painter.
2. Submitting a team work or work of other painters will cause disqualification of all works of the painter and ban for all future editions of the competition.
3. Disqualification can occur after the results announcement, if evidence is found.
4. Disqualified painter is no longer entitled to any rewards received.
5. Disqualification may cause changes of winners and awards.

3. Judging:
1. Works shall be judged by jury members only.
2. Entries shall be judged on modelling and painting merits, creativity, originality and overall effect.
3. The first judging phase will be selection of honoured works, which will be qualified for the finals.
4. The second judging phase is a final, when 3 winning entries shall be selected in every category (gold, silver, bronze).
5. The third judging stage is selection of the overall winner (“Best of Show”).
6. The additional award (“Junior”) may be provided for the best work submitted by a painter born in 1997 or younger.
7. Judges’ decisions are definite, the only possible exception are changes caused by a disqualification.
8. Awards (statues, diplomas) and prizes may be provided by the organiser for winners and honoured painters.
9. Additional prizes may also be provided for randomly selected competitors, who were not awarded by judges.

4. Categories:
1. Painter shall declare which category a work is being entered to.
2. Judges are entitled to move any work to another category if they find it more appropriate.
3. Judges are entitled to join different categories, if low number of submissions caused poor competition level.
4. If any painter has more than 1 entry in any category due to judges’ decision, only 1 entry shall be subject to judging as per judges’ decision. All other works are shown in a category, but are effectively not taking part in the competition.


1. Single model – fantasy:
1. This category is for fantasy and historical (before 1914) models.
2. Submission shall be a single model on foot in 32mm scale or smaller, with a size comparable to human models.
3. Model shall be based.
4. Any base shape is allowed, though its size should not be bigger than 10x10cm or diameter of 10cm.

2. Single model – SF:
1. This category is for science-fiction and historical (after 1914) models.
2. Submission shall be a single model on foot in 32mm scale or smaller, with a size comparable to human models.
3. Model shall be based.
4. Any base shape is allowed, though its size should not be bigger than 10x10cm or diameter of 10cm.

3. Large model:
1. This category is for models with a size comparable to human models in 54mm scale or bigger.
2. This category is also for big models in smaller scales, if their size is comparable to models described in item 1.
3. Cavalry models in any scale are also eligible for this category.
4. Busts in any scale shall be entered in this category.
5. Model shall be based.
6. Any base shape is allowed, though its size should not be bigger than 20x20cm or diameter of 20cm, unless the model’s size requires a bigger base.

4. War machine:
1. This category is for models of war machines in any scale, both fantasy and historical, with or without a crew.
2. This category covers any ground, aerial or amphibious vehicles.
3. Motorcycle models in any scale are also eligible for this category.
4. Civil vehicles are eligible for this category.
5. Bases are not required for war machines and vehicles, unless there is a separate crew included (e.g. cannon and crew).

5. Diorama:
1. Work shall consist of at least 1 model on a scenic base, regardless of the scale or universe.
2. Size and shape of the scenic base are not limited anyhow.
3. Story presented on a diorama, integration of models with other models and with a scene, as well as interaction between models shall be subject to judging.

6. Unit:
1. This category is also for groups of at least 3 models forming units.
2. It is allowed to mix models with different type, size and equipment to form a group of models. It is also allowed to mix models on foot with cavalry, as well as models of different manufacturers.
3. Size and shape of the scenic base are not limited anyhow
4. Units shall be placed on a base or moving tray to make handling easier, no matter what formation they adapt.

7. Showcase:
1. This category is an off-competition category; entries shall not be subject to judging and awarding procedures!
2. This category is for any type of entries, fitting or not above categories, even only remotely related to miniatures and modelling hobbies.
3. Entries shall be used to create an off-competition showcase for participants and guests.

III. ANNEX – examples of entries legitimate for different categories

Single model – fantasy:
Warhammer orcs, Confrontation dwarfs, Foundry pirates, Black Scorpion Miniatures cowboys.

Single model – SF:
Warhammer 40.000 space marines, Inifinity humans, Black Scorpion Miniatures US marines, Foundry Wehrmacht model.

Large model:
Historical models in 54mm scale or bigger, Warhammer trolls, Mantic Games cavalry, dragons, busts.

War machine:
Warhammer 40.000 dreadnoughts or bikes, Dust Tactics mechas, tank or plane model, civil vehicle model, WFB chariots and cannons.

Developed diorama with one model, huge battle scene.

Warhammer 40.000 space marines unit, pirate band comprising models from different companies.

Anything related to a hobby! Examples like above plus sculpts, armies, table-top terrains etc.

22-10-2013, 02:09 PM
well! suddenly im glad that the Wamped comp didnt reward me any gold/silver/bronze medal :)


horray to me :)

22-10-2013, 02:23 PM
Well done you! :applause:

23-10-2013, 08:21 AM
congrats yet again Stefan!

guys, you definitely need to come to Hussar next year. fantastic entries, overall quality level and people.

Winners and Honourable Mentions - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.443684382402971.1073741837.396871903750886&type=1

All entries + close-ups - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.443676332403776.1073741836.396871903750886&type=1

23-10-2013, 11:38 AM
excellent stuff. Contest looks great and Wamp bags another win!

Back pats all round

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great stuff! and congrats Stefan!!!

23-10-2013, 11:13 PM
Fantastic! Congrats and kudos to you :wink:

04-11-2013, 11:39 AM

horray to me :)

hey, guy with the mic is as important as the one with sabre :P

so, who's coming to Warsaw next year? :)