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21-01-2013, 11:26 PM
Hi to all,
I like to present you our Group AG Fantasy as part of the German KLIO (Collectors of historical tin figures):

http://www.ag-fantasy.de (http://www.ag-fantasy.de) (sorry, most things are in German - and bad English :redface:)

As history: The most collectors of the KLIO like only (flat) figures of historical themes. So we have founded our group to support three special themes - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Manga and from the figure side - flat and full figures.
In the moment we have 40 members. Our important actions were exhibitions done with support by tin figure museums in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.
In the last time we have also designed and manufactured some own figures. The picture shows our tabletop playing group (Fantasy - tree, Manga - pathfinder and Science Fiction - robot).