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19-09-2009, 11:24 AM
http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z93/darklordminiatures/urbanmammothbanner.jpg (http://s188.photobucket.com/albums/z93/darklordminiatures/?action=view&current=urbanmammothbanner.jpg)

Right Ladies and Gentlemen its that time again - your chance to help shape the future destiny of mankind by deciding the fate of our intrepid entrants (ok maybe thats a little over the top but its still bloody important!)
we have 15 entries - our 2nd highest turnout and a lot ofnew faces who will i hope continue to frequent our ittle corner of the internet.
So very simple for voting - i ask that you each simply post here with your choices for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
If you prefer you can vote in private by pm to myself.
Voting will remain open until Wednesday 23rd September at 6pm.
A vote for 1st place is worth 3 points, 2nd 2 points and 3rd 3 points.
After voting is closed i will add the votes up with places awarded to those with the highest scores or the biggest bribe to me (that bits a joke!! - legal clarification!)
In the event of a tie the piece voted more 1st's will win then most 2nd's, if they are still tied then we toss a coin or have a fight to the death - whichever the contestants prefer (though im holding out for the deadly duel!)

Any questions just ask.

Now All votes are appreciated , wether you entered the contest or not and even more appreciated are comments on the pieces - these contest are here for some fun but more importantly a chance to improve our painting so please if you have chance leave a comment or two - i know the entrants appreciate it.

all the entries are here:

and urban mammoth site is here:

19-09-2009, 01:37 PM
Wow - what a great bunch of entries. I really enjoyed looking at them all.
Still bummed I didn't get time to paint my mini - but hopefully there will be a next time.

Overall what I really liked was how much detail and effort has been put into the bases, very impressive.

It's really hard to pick the top 3, but here are my votes:
1st: Merawen's Kabuki Doll (this one (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=451&sid=90009aa92ad96b30d76472764faae58e))
The model looks really sharp and the freehand is just lovely. Would like to see more shading - but the stark appearance really works on this model.

2nd: Scott Radom's Void Chick (this one (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=455&sid=90009aa92ad96b30d76472764faae58e))
The overall look is good, the hair has come out really well and the leather coat is nice.

3rd: aqproductions CWAG (this one (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=454&sid=90009aa92ad96b30d76472764faae58e))
Overall the model is really sharp - the face stands out. I like the work on the green clothes, but think the gun could really have done with some shading as it looks a bit flat.

Would also like to make a mention of Demi's 3 steps from Eternity (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=444). Fabulous presentation - really loved it. The only reason it didn't make my top 3, was the figure itself didn't stand out enough for me.

How well the figure stood out to me, was my main criteria for separating the winners - again I'd like to say how tough it was to pick winners.

19-09-2009, 09:34 PM
1. Demi's three steps from eternity entry.
Great painting on the mini + awesome base

2. ScottRadom's Void Chic
I love the leather coat.. very nice.. Prehaps a head on shot from a slightly lower angle would have been good, but very cool

3. Merewn Kabuki Doll.
Very clean style, I really liked this entry ..

20-09-2009, 01:47 PM
A nice bunch of entries, well done everyone.

1. 3 steps from eternity entry - Demi

2. Void Chic - ScottRadom

3. Kabuki Doll - Merewn

20-09-2009, 03:43 PM
Ok, some great entries.

1st Merawen's Kabuki Doll
2nd Scott's Void Chick
3rd Demi's 3 Steps

The '3 steps' entry was great but I felt that the setting overpowered the mini and needed a little more work to make it stand out.

20-09-2009, 04:04 PM
man tough choice lot of good stuff but heres mine:

1st 3 steps from eternity - Demi
2nd Viridian Sniper - Alextheartist
3rd Koralon - Merawan

20-09-2009, 05:49 PM
I narrowed it down to five but then it got a whole lot tougher to decided between those. Anyway, here're my votes.

1st Scott Radom - Void Chick. Leather's good, hair has a nice shiny look to it, the painting is strong with enough contrast to give it impact. Nothing really weak about this one so that's why it gets first.

2nd Demi - Three Steps From Eternity. Nicely realised diorama with some good painting. One thing that gave me doubts was the water effects having curled up at the edges. Whilst that works for where it meets the walls, the ends should be flat. Also, no ripples in the water to show movement through it.

3rd Merawen - Kabuki Doll. Smooth, clean painting and some nice freehand. Would have liked to have seen a little more contrast but the mini is well finished.

Also in the five, incidentally was Merawen's other mini. Finished to the same standard but I preferred the kabuki.

The other, completing the last 5 shortlist was Alextheartist's mini. Very nice weathering but I don't think there was enough done to the non weathered areas. They look a bit flat in comparrison.

20-09-2009, 06:52 PM
Some really good entries and lots more this time which is awesome :) great to see it being so popular. Nice and diverse choices too.

1st - Demi - Three steps from Eternity
2nd - Scott Radom - Void Chick
3rd - Merawen - Kabuki Doll

20-09-2009, 08:31 PM
As for me:

1st - Alextheartist - Viridian Sniper
2nd - Scott Radom - Void Chick
3rd - Merawan - Koralon

20-09-2009, 08:37 PM
There are a lot of interesting entries in this one. Thanks for hosting this painting comp. I'll be stopping around here more often.

As for my votes

1st: Demi: Urban Mammoth (Three Steps to Eternity)
I really liked the complete presentation. The painting on the VASA Sgt seemed a bit flat, but the overall presentation really stood out.

2nd: Merawen: Koralon Phazon
I really liked the smooth sleek look of the black "skin" with the flesh tone tendril wrapping around the staff really standing out.

3rd: Scott Radom CWAG (Chick with a gun)
Nice tight painting. I think a bit more contract would be good, especially on the skin tones though.

20-09-2009, 09:31 PM
This was a toughie.

Here are my choices:

1st - Stahler77's Brennus Gladiator Champion - The beard on this mini is incredible. Combined with the warpaint and the gash on the stomach, top notch fig indeed.

2nd - Darklord's Viridian Marine - Usually I'm not a fan of dark models, but I think this one has a great balance of light colors that have been dirtied up just right. The base is also a great addition without overpowering the mini.

3rd - Merawen's Koralon - Again, not usually a fan of dark minis, but you have mastered the highlighting of the black which is an art in and of itself. Also, the tentacle arm is a really nice contrast to all the dark color of the mini.

I would have voted for ScottRadom's Void Chick except that the rules stated that it had to be a "new work" and I assumed that it meant painted specifically for this contest, so I wasn't sure if I could vote for it or not since it was posted in another portion of the forum as a commission piece back in July. The leather coat and the eyepiece on the miniature are awesome though. Some of the best leather I've seen in a while.

Lost Boy
20-09-2009, 11:32 PM
This is probably the hardest vote I've had to do because, personally, I think they're ALL brilliant entries. If I'd had my head out of my ar*e and paid attention, I might have noticed this competition more and taken part myself. What an idiot... :(

Anyway, here's my votes. I've taken into account the figures, the paint jobs, and the bases...

Void Chick by ScottRadom
Really good paintjob, good shading and smooth...until you notice the lumps on the folds of the jacket at the back. Still liked it the most, though.

Viridian Marine by Darklord
I really liked the grungyness of this one. The mucky-looking base went well with it.

Three steps from Eternity by Demi
The base is brilliant on this, as is the paintwork on the lady. It would have rated higher, but I didn't understand the title...is it something to do with the game? I also wondered whether there was maybe a mine in front of her, under the water, but I couldn't see it? Sorry if it's totally obvious, I just can't see what it means...

Like I said, this was really hard to vote on...they're all very good entries. Well done to everyone, whether they win something or not.

21-09-2009, 12:03 AM
Ok, it already been said, but this is really tough! some cracking entries

1st demi's Three Steps from Eternity
I really like this scene & the attentions to all the little details.

2nd agproductions Cwag
Very nice clean paint job, nothing I can see wrong with this piece

3rd Stahler77's Brennus Gladiator Champion
I would like to see more angles, but the really like the face and beard. I wasn't sure about the metal work, but seems very nice. Only thing I don't like is sword/knife sticking in the ground in front of him.

To me there's at least 5 different entries that could be in the top 3, very impressed. I'm also leaving (or, in the process of leaving) comments in the album - poor painters like me, do appreciate pointers & crits :D

Captain Sprout
21-09-2009, 01:49 AM
Great work and loads of entries.

My top three are

1. Urban mammoth void chick: Scottradeon: Nice neat paintjob, the leather on the coat stood out for me, very nicely done with good contrast (without just being black in the dark bits). The model suited the base and the details were well picked out.

2. Um Trooper: Alextheartist: Great paint chipping effects, base and mini have a super atmosphere. Not sure about the left foot which appears a bit oddly, but apart from that the overall effect is excellent. Highlights are the base and the top half of the mini in particular. I thought the lower half of the mini was less well achieved but overall the weathering stood out.

3. Koralon: Merawen: Very clean paint job, the black armour is very subtle and the colour of the hand really works well with it. The gold looked like it might have benefited from another shade of colour but its not easy to photograph metallics so it might have lost the tone in the picture with the shine. Menacing.

Comments on the others;

Veridian sniper veteran: Vern: Really liked the clean paint job. The model felt a little detached from the base..a similar colour or something to tie it in would have helped and another colour on the uniform somewhere might also have worked. Liked the small details on the weapon.

Veridian Marine: Darklord: Like the colours and the rust and the lens stands out well, looks to be a mid combat hard war type of scene and suits it well.

Brennus Gladiator Champion: Stahler77: The beard and the flesh parts really stand out, the eyes look suitably manic. I thought maybe the metals needed a contrasting colour.

Cwag (chick With A Gun!): agproductions: Classic clean paint job nicely realised..the effect on the chain on the gun is very well done.

Kabuki Doll: Waghorn: Nice face effect and head dress, I thought it needed a bit more unity with the base, but the top of the model stands out well.

Kabuki Doll: Merawen: Excellent effects on the face and the freehand looks 3d which is a cool thing to pull off. The metals look a bit stark but overall this was one of my favourites.

Pit beast: Aelath: Nice clean paint job on quite a menacing figure. The off centre basing works really well and lends the air of something about to happen. The flesh on the leg looks a little shiny but clean and crisp overall.

Vasa Archangel: maxstyles417: Great base, love the rust effects. Not sure on the black rod attachment. The mini is a nice clean paintjob, the colours look good, was in my top 5 there was just something needing to pull mini and base together.

Harpikon: Wildger: Clean paintjob and I really like the colour choices. Looks a bit shiny in the picture and the slightly hairy photo backdrop is a bit distracting colour wise.

Ragados'' Vasa Strike Team: Ragados: Nice looking unit that definitely have the faction look. Pics are a little blurry but the painjobs look clean and the models suit each other and their setting.

Three steps from eternity: Demi: Excellent base, really like the dual layers and the water effects. Not sure on the narrative but something bad is obviously about to happen. The coat on the mini is great. The front of the mini appears to lack a little definition.

Iskandrias Pride Major: Ashur: Nice clean paintjob and the mini suits the base well, though the writing on the mini base is a bit distracting. The colours, particularly the blue weapons and the small pipework details, are very nicely done.

21-09-2009, 04:24 AM
This one is really tough, as others have said! My three....

1) Demi's Three steps. Like it a lot and very ambitious entry

2) Darklord's marine guy. Very nice, I think that if this wasa rushed piece it might have actually helped the entry's look and feel maybe a little. Very nice overall and seems like everythig on the model seems to compliment something else.

3) Stahler77's Gladiator dude. That beard rocks!

I'll comment good and proper later. I'm really suprised and grateful about the nice things being said about my entry. Thanks gang!

Also the mini was painted back in June, but I don't think it violates any rules as it has only been entered in this contest. But that might be something for DL to consider? Maybe my entry is a rule breaker?

Anyway, much appreciated. I'd type more but I got super hammered last night and even know the monitor is jumping all over the place. I went to a 3.d movie with the boy today. NOT a good idea when nursing a bad one!

21-09-2009, 06:40 AM
1. Cwag (agproductions)
2. Brennus Gladiator
3. Viridian Marine

21-09-2009, 06:59 AM
1. AGproductions CWAG
Awesome shading on the mini
2. Merawin Kabuki Doll
Amazing mini, love the freehand
3.ScottRadom Urban mamoth warchick
Sweet mini, love the dirty style paint job.

21-09-2009, 07:19 AM
(...)I didn't understand the title...is it something to do with the game? I also wondered whether there was maybe a mine in front of her, under the water, but I couldn't see it?
understood - the water effect didn't turn out as I hoped for;
as for the title - there's an explosive charge hidden behind the bucket (you can see laser/infra red beam made of my gf's piece of hair) and after making 3 steps vasa character crosses it aaand... *B*O*O*O*O*O*M*! :twisted:
(sorry for the OT)

21-09-2009, 07:27 AM
(...)I didn't understand the title...is it something to do with the game? I also wondered whether there was maybe a mine in front of her, under the water, but I couldn't see it?
understood - the water effect didn't turn out as I hoped for;
as for the title - there's an explosive charge hidden behind the bucket (you can see laser/infra red beam made of my gf's piece of hair) and after making 3 steps vasa character crosses it aaand... *B*O*O*O*O*O*M*! :twisted:
(sorry for the OT)
Lol, I was wondering about the title myself. I kept thinking, well, if the mini steps backward 3 steps, she'll fall out of the sewer pipe to her death, so, I guess that's what was meant.

Thanks for the clarification.

21-09-2009, 07:58 AM
@Scott - your entry is fine as ithas not competed before.
i have also amended future rules to clarify this.

21-09-2009, 07:59 AM
1. Cwag (agproductions)
2. Brennus Gladiator
3. Viridian Marine

which marine is it mate?
Darklords or alextheartist?

21-09-2009, 08:34 AM
Lol, I was wondering about the title myself. I kept thinking, well, if the mini steps backward 3 steps, she'll fall out of the sewer pipe to her death, so, I guess that's what was meant.
bwahahahahaha! :damnfunny that's as well! :D

Lost Boy
21-09-2009, 09:29 AM
there's an explosive charge hidden behind the bucket (you can see laser/infra red beam made of my gf's piece of hair) and after making 3 steps vasa character crosses it aaand... *B*O*O*O*O*O*M*! :twisted:
(sorry for the OT)

Ahhhhhhhh, now I see :) .

Very clever :thumbsup

21-09-2009, 01:21 PM
Very tough to decide on three, but finally I've done it:

1) Urban Mammoth Void Chick (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=455&sid=368954f81f2080680385a49450727001) by ScottRadom

Painting, especially the use of shading is just brilliant, with a nicely balanced (not to busy, not to plain) base which compliments the model.

2) Cwag (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=454&sid=368954f81f2080680385a49450727001) by agproductions

I always think this mini has stepped out of a recruiting poster and the paintjob on this entry only re-enforces this, meaning I can't help but love this mini. Nice features on the base as well which whist not plain, do not draw focus away from the excellent painting above.

3) Kabuki Doll (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=451&sid=368954f81f2080680385a49450727001) by Merawen

Excellent painting added to by superb freehand make her simply brilliant.

Although they're not my top three, I also wanted to comment on:

*) Ashur's Iskandrias Pride Major \"beastman\" (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=435) which is excellent. It take cojones to put so few colours on a mini and skill to make it work! You clearly have both! Excellent mini! :)

*) wildger's Harpikon (http://www.wamp-forum.com/phpBB2/album_pic.php?pic_id=448). A lovely mini with a proper old-school D&D monster feel, which I like very much, whilst at the same time being well painted. Great work, there! At least, I hope that is what you were attempting - no offense intended if you weren't!

21-09-2009, 03:31 PM
1) Darklord - Viridian Marine

2) Merawn - Kabuki Doll

3) ScottRadom - UM Void Chick

but the others are very nice too

21-09-2009, 05:46 PM
Awesome work everyone! It was a hard choice to nail down the top 3. There were about 5-6 all competing for attention.
So here are my votes:

1) Demi - three steps from eternity (really cool little scene)
2) Merawen - Kabuki Doll (beautifully smooth & striking)
3) Stahler77 - Brennus Gladiator Champion (I think the model may clobber me if I don't vote for him ;) )

I'll try comment in the galleries when I get a chance

23-09-2009, 11:01 AM
1st: Merawen's Koralon
The model looks clean, sharp and well executed.

2nd: Scott Radom's Void Chick
Excellent photo, very tidy paint job.

3rd: aqproductions CWAG
Nice comic book look to this figure

I think I was waaay out of my depth in this contest... Captain Sprout, thanks for your comments.

23-09-2009, 01:16 PM
only 6 hours until voting closes

23-09-2009, 03:58 PM
1st : Merawenís Kabuki Doll
2nd : Scott Radom's Void Chick
3rd : Demi - three steps from eternity

No comments as Iím at job right now, sorry about that.

23-09-2009, 09:49 PM
right guys voting is closed i shall announce the results shortly