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14-08-2009, 10:07 AM

Time to vote for who you think deserves to win our Fatal Personality sponsored contest. rules are simple but please follow them.

Voting will take place using our usual out of 10 that we use for the monthly competitions. You will be voting on the quality of the painting only.

In the event of a tie the affected entries will enter a seperate 'vote off' to decide position.
voting is open for 5 days.
results will be announced shortly after the voting deadline

1st place will receive a cast of Natalia and an elaborate custom made pvc display plinth AND 15% off orders via fatal personality website FOR LIFE!http://www.fatalpersonality.com/public/images/gallery/imgbig_13.jpg

2nd place will receive a clyndrical pvc plinth AND 15% off orders via fatal personality website FOR LIFE!

3rd Place 15% off orders via fatal personality website FOR LIFE!

Remember the aim of these contests are to encourage and improve our painting, any comments or critique are very welcome.
you may comment either here or on the pictures themselves.
any questions contact me

all the entries can be found here:

15-08-2009, 04:48 PM
This is tough! I hope youíll forgive me, but I used fractions in my scores (some are so close!)

8.1 - Not I think, your best work (which is understandable in circumstances), but a still a really nice piece. I think youíve got the feathers on the wings spot on, and like the lights and shadows on the boots. Think the skin look a bit rushed by your standards, and think the shadows arenít as blended as smoothly as they could be.

8.4 - Firstly, think the photo used on the ladder challenge was is better this one, you can really see the blending on it. Love the use of colours, and the base is superb (still want to know about the water). Think there is perhaps a little to much metals on the tubes & pipes, but no other real cristims

8.3 - The stockings, skin & shoes are excellent, as is the gas mask. Think the blue dress needs toning between the shade and highlight, bit extreme at the moment. As mentioned elsewhere, the hair colour is blending to much with the gas mask, perhaps a different colour next time? I like the desolate base, although perhaps the wood could be darker (oak?) so as give some relief to the red tones

8.0 - 4hours? Bloody hell! Really like the colours chosen - the pink really stands out to the drab colours of the rest of the mini. I think, perhaps, the skin is too dark grey though, and is missing some lights. The base is simple (black hat insert?) but looks a little rushed

Amon Chakai
8.5 - What a debut! The base and especially the freehand wall, is superb. I wasnít sure about the blue skin, but its grown on me, looks a little Ďchalkyí on the final highlight though. Like the way youíve done the wings (the red stains are nice), not keen on the red eyes though.

7.5 - Youíre photo fu is a good as mine! The colours picked are nice (& extra points for her being a red head), and pale skin works nicely. Think the stocking need something else, only Iím not sure what! The whole piece looks a bit a glossy as well (but that could be the photos)

Phew! Excellent entries & if I sounded harsh, I didnít mean to be, itís just that there wasnít much to choose between them

** + I'd encourage everyone to vote, even if you didn't enter the comp, feedback is invaluable :D

15-08-2009, 08:38 PM
I'd agree with that voting here is important, as is the feedback :) I'll be doing mine Monday


16-08-2009, 02:00 AM
That's a tremendous start to the voting. I really like the time and effort you put in, and I know for a fat I will do the same decimalized voting. What a contest!

I will put some time into it and vote tomorrow. I'm going someplace we cant' afford to celebrate an anniversary with a wife who I am pretty sure hates that I had to check my online mini stuff instead of scrubing up for our hote date. I mean C'mon lady! I got married to her so I didn't HAVE to go out on dates anymore. If it were up to me we'd spend our anniversary eating cheap pizza, drinking beer and watching Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I've only seen about 15 minutes of that movie but so far it's like the Citizen Kane of werewolves-overthrow-their-vampire-masters movies. Stupid anniversary. 7 years BTW.

I realize now that was a misplaced and disjointed rant. Sorries.

16-08-2009, 06:56 PM
Some great entries and I've had to go to decimal points to separate the scores.

Vern 7.9
Love this but I think there should be some darker shadows in the red

DL 7.5
Nice but the colour shadow between the boots and the legs is too pronounced and the wings just don't do it for me.

Darkmessiah 7.7
Great piece that lacks just a tiny something to push it to an 8

Scott 7.8
The lenses/eyes spoil this for me, otherwise great

Artica 7.5
Limited palette works well but it's too subdued so that the red is too close in tone to the grey, the model gets lost.

amon chakai 7.5
The base and freehand is stunning but the model isn't to the same standard. Personally the blue is just not the right shade and the wings lack that feathery feel.

wag (minus scores don't register)
Green satin and white silk was the aim. the hair highlights don't show in the photo and the last photo really lets this down. But, as a very rushed piece which needed a lot of prep work the wag is pleased with the result.

16-08-2009, 08:40 PM
Okay, here I go....

Vern - 7.3 Well painted and a nifty little story type base. Parts fo the mini like the dress and such could have gone with a bit more highlights I think. I'd say the same fo my piece as well. I like it

Arctica 7.8 4 hrs! Make me PUKE! Love your work oin the dress. The only part of the model that looks rushed to me is the base. It's pretty generic, but then again it does leave the mini alone to get focused on. I don't know how the mini would have benifitted from more time. Love your style.

DarkLord 7.5 Doesn't look rushed to me, I like it a pile. The wings maybe in some places look less stellar than usual but I like the glowy runes on the base.

Waghorn 6.5 There's some paint from the base on the foot of the model, and some stuff like that. But not bad.

DarkMessiah 8.5 This is my fav. Great design on the basework and fantastic painting. Really like everything about it, and looking at yours I see the places I would want to improve my own. Really good work!

Amon Chakai 8.5 The freehand on the base certainly looks skillful, and helps put a mood into the piece. It's quite well painted, and I sure hope you stick around WAMP and share with us some of your techniques and secrets!

amon chakai
16-08-2009, 09:35 PM
My scores:

Darkmessiah - 8.5 i love the base and the "water" effect, the skin need more light... but the Armony of the colour it's perfect!

Scottrandom - 8.3 very nice the colour of the mini, i don't like the base but is well painted!

Darklord - 8.3 very well! the painting job is my favourite! i don't like the skin colour and i think need more shade!

Vern - 8.0 the base it's fantastic! very nice scene! the photo it's very small... but the colour scheme it's nice!

Arctica - 8.0 the atmosphere it's fantastic... i like the white and black! but need more attention for the particular!

Waghorn - 7.5 the painting job is nice, i like the "Irish" colur scheme! ;) but the mini need more light and shade!

Thank's for your comments! and excuse me for my English... :( :( :(

i study French at school and my english vocabulary it's very small...

16-08-2009, 10:16 PM
Vern - 8.0 Nice colours, interesting idea which gives the model a twist to the mini. I think you could do with pushing the colour shades and highlights to a more extreme to make the model pop but nice nonetheless.

DL - 7.8 Good piece, the skin looks flat to me except around the chest area where it looks too subtle, need a smoother neater finish. The eyes look unfinished and uneven to me. The horn colour is too similar to the skin. The boots are the best bit for me, i really love the almost latex feel of them, the base compliments the model well.

DM - 8.2 One of my favourite ones here, the base is as always really good. The pink dress is a nice contrast but your colour choices make my eyes loose focus on the mini, it seems rather busy in my eyes. The painting itself is really good apart from the hair, i think the colour transitions are too rough and could do with some smoother transitions.

Scott - 8.6 what can i say? it's my favourite one by far, you've improved immensely, the colour choices all work together, your transitions are smooth for the most part. The blending on the dress could be a tiny bit smoother but i think this is your best work so far. The base has enough and little enough detail to not take the focus away from the mini. The gem eyes are gorgeous.

Arctica - i hate bases... nuff said ;)

Amon Chakai = 8.4 A great intro mini and a high standard to start with. The base is the defining feature to the piece, it's detailed well thought out and works amazingly well with the model. But i feel the blending on the mini is a tiny bit rough in places but still very good, nice detail to the wings and the blood.

Waghorn - 7.5 your colour choices are really nice, but i think you could benefit from firstly some decent photos (i know we all could really) and the other thing is more shading and more highlights for the contrast. A nice piece and could be tidier in areas but still very nice.

like other's have said due to the limited choice in minis this is a tough competition and i had alot of fun painting the mini in general. Good job to everyone, good standard of painting and composition.

16-08-2009, 11:44 PM
Well done to you all. The competition here is really close.
Here goes:

Scott: 9
I really like what you've done with this piece. My main crit is that the blending on the dress could be smoother. I like the base - it doesn't distract from the mini - and I also like the lenses on the gas-mask, though they are a little unreal. The skin & stockings are great.

Amon Chakai: 8.5
Welcome to the boards. A really great piece. The free-hand on the background & base is awesome! However, I feel that it does kinda detract a bit from the mini (it feels a bit like the mini is there to show off the background, rather than the other way around).

Artica: 8
I really like the effect you've achieved. I can't really find much to criticize.

Darklord: 7
Not up to your usual standards. I like the glowing runes on the base, you definitely seem to have that technique nailed. I like the back of the wings, though the feathers on the front seem rushed.

Darkmessiah: 7
I like the base and your painting looks good. However, for me the colour choices just seem to feel a bit discordant.

Vern: 7
Nice job! The scene is really cool and fitting and the paint job is solid.

Wag: 6
Your photos are letting you down here I think. Skin & stockings look good though. It's hard to say more about the other parts from the pics though.

18-08-2009, 09:47 AM
Here are the votes from Croatia. No, wait, that's not right. From Chesterfield.

Vern: 7
Colours work well together, with two of the primary colours used as acents rather than trying to compete with the red. There's some nice highlighting on the red. A little more contrast and it would pop.

Darklord: 7.5
Well painted, some nice shading and highlighting although it's not as good as you can do. It lacks that usual little bit if magic. I do like the sheen on the boots and gloves, as well as on the hair, although a step up in the shine on the hair would have been better.

Darkmessiah: 8.75
Excellent. The colours work really well together and I like the fact you've echoed the green with the toxic waste, and the colours on the teddy bear echo the rust. The contrast is also good.

ScottRadom: 8.25
Very good, Scott. The painting is nice and smooth, the black looks very good on the gas mask. Like DM you've tied the colours of the teddy bear to the colours of the ground.

arctica: 7.5
This reminds me of Frank Miller's comic book work, with the red jumping out from the otherwise monotone scheme. The red really pops. What lets it down a bit is the black and mettalics aren't quite up to the same level as the red.

amon chakai: 8.25
Very good debut. The colour choice is really good and the scene has atmosphere. Some of the transitions in the painting are a little rough but overall a very good job.

Waghorn: 6
Good colour choices but it's a little untidy in places and needs more work with the shading and highlights.

18-08-2009, 10:13 AM
just to clarify there was a small error in the prize list here, that has been rectified - there is no participation voucher of 5 euro's per person, just the 3 placed prizes

18-08-2009, 04:19 PM
damn just written half then lost it - oh well try again!

Vern 8.0
love the atmosphere you created here - i see the bbc thing but it reminds me of a fallout type feel - the childhoood game being played as the bombs drop and the ghosts that creates. I feel the dress and the hoses would benefit from some further colour shading (say urple on the dress and brown for the hose maybe?) overall a good solid job enhanced by the base.

Dark Messiah 8.8
love this although the photos dont help. i would prefer the hoses to be dull so the pink remais the main focal point but it still works. The base just sets it off prefectly, one of my favourite entries.

Scottradom 8.4
another great toxic girl and another great take on it. some of your nicest work and your muted almost muddied stye really suits this subject. another entry that reminds me of fallout. I would rate this higher but i feel the base is lacking - concept wise it fits well but the monotone reddish brown takeas away from the overall look for me - the introduction of some colour and contrast in it would help for me - maybe some dark blues? still a piece to be proud of mate

Arctica 8.6
yet another well painted toxic girl, the red looks great asnd the use of grey is apt i feel. the only downside for me is the base looks a little rushed compared to the mini itself but its still a beauty

Amon Chakai 9.0
really nice piece and the freehand really sets it off. As a fan of Jarheads style this one
appeals to me as i feel its a similar style which is a compliment. the xtra attention to detail ont his peice help create an atmosphere and set it apart form other entries a little. A great debut to wamp and i hope you stick around to enter some more in the future.

Waghorn41 7.0
the only person to tackle the original fatal personality sculpt. your painting continues to improve as a result of your persistence. i like the alternate xmas colour choice over the red. a few more thin coats of white would clean up the stockings and a brown wash to the hair would help. The base is a little stark and seems an afterthought - i know you can do more complex basing so next time.........

a final note guys, i thought this contest would be interesting due to the limited number of sculpts available and it has proven to be so. It s nice to se ehow different people look at the same sculpt and produce completley different works. For me its been one of the most fun ones to vote on and probably one of the closest across the board. i just wish i could have done mine justice in the time but ah well it was fun anyway!
a boig thankyou to all of you that supported by enbtering or just voting

18-08-2009, 05:14 PM
I think its more of a thanks to you for arranging a fun competition :) as you said i really liked the fact it was a limited choice of minis which made it a very very interesting take on the competition.

PS: you scored waghorn a 41? :O i think he might take the lead with that ;)

18-08-2009, 05:24 PM
your welcome bud, need to start sorting next years stuff soon!!

18-08-2009, 05:32 PM
Enigma mini's! Ritual said he might have an "in" with them! Also, if you like I can help out with whatever you need if you wanna PM me.

18-08-2009, 05:44 PM
cheers Buddy, i will sit down after GD and sort things as there is a bigger contest to arrange first!
i will be getting some fedback from you guys beforehand too

18-08-2009, 07:24 PM
PS: you scored waghorn a 41? :O i think he might take the lead with that ;)

No, look again; waghorn 417.0
I win :lol:

18-08-2009, 07:51 PM
trying to influence the vore means disqualification - waghorn loses

18-08-2009, 08:18 PM
just a reminder you have until midnight tonight to get your votes in - i shall announce them in the morning - any votes cast after midnight will be discarded and fed to the ape-hounds in the cellar

18-08-2009, 08:23 PM
waghorn loses

So what's new? :lol:

18-08-2009, 10:37 PM
So what's new? :lol:

Well, I have some kind of rash-thing going on; really itches in some very uncomfortable places.

Anyway, on to the votes!

Vern 7.5

Very nice paint job on a great base. The dress does look like it could use a touch more shading for depth, though and the picture is kind of small, so it's kind of hard to make out any real details. Still, very good work.

Darklord: 9.0

A very lovely paint job. Love the skin tones on this one and the wings look really good.

Dark Messiah 8.0

Looks like a pretty good paint job, but the photos are kind of grainy and that is detracting from it. A great base, though with some very nice water effects going on.

Scottradom 8.5

Love the more muted tones on this. It definitely gives it a "darker" look that I really like. Very nice basework.

Arctica 7.5

Looks like some pretty good brush work, even with the smaller photos. The base is nice and looks like there's a skull there, which certainly helps create a more menacing atmosphere.

Amon Chakai 9.0

Excellent paint job and the back of the base is amazing. Very well done.

Waghorn41 6.0

Nice to see this one get painted up for the comp. I like the choice of colors, but this doesn't quite look up to your (new) normal standard and the base is pretty plain.

19-08-2009, 09:44 AM
voting is closed results announced shortly